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The Long Weekend Guide: Things To Do In Dumbo, Brooklyn

I recently had the chance to go back to NY after visiting there for the first time this summer. Over the summer, I spent five days there with Darby, and this time around, it was an even quicker trip. I was there for three days, and it was enough time to enjoy some of the best parts of the city, without getting overwhelmed.

For starters, I didn’t fool with public transportation at all, which was really nice. I walked everywhere or used Lyft to get me where I needed to be. Not venturing across the bridge into Manhattan really gave me some time to just enjoy what the Dumbo burough had to offer, without as much hustle and bustle. Since I was only there for such a short time, I really appreciated getting to be a little more relaxed.

Of course, you should customize your stay to your liking, but if you’re looking for some great things to do in Dumbo, here are a few suggestions!

1. Brooklyn Bridge

If you have a chance to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, you should definitely take it. It’s got breathtaking views and it truly an experience you won’t find anywhere else. You might want to do some research about when it’s least crowded because since this is obviously a huge tourist attraction, it can be FULL of people.

2. Waterfront

Walking along the waterfront is almost as nice as getting the view from the bridge, but will be much, much less crowded. So, take a stroll (or two) while you’re in town!

3. Bagels

There’s nothing quite like a bagel covered in cream cheese (or in my case bacon, eggs and cheese). It’s a great way to start your day off, and is a very “Brooklyn” thing to do. The bagel shop I popped into had a very cozy, neighborhood bagel shop kind of feel. People who came in after me had their order whipped up immediately because the workers knew to fix them “the usual,” and it was nice to see that kind of familiarity in such a big city.

4. Shopping

I was actually in town to visit Jessie James Decker’s pop-up shop, which was only open temporarily. You won’t not be able to stop by there when you’re in town, but there are still plenty of great little boutiques for you to explore.

5. Stumble Into a Café

The first time Darby and I attempted to conquer NYC, we had a very strategic plan of where to go. First, this café, then here for lunch. You know, that kind of thing. But, this time, there were no set plans. When you don’t have an agenda, you leave yourself open for things to just happen. Like stumbling upon this quaint café, for example. :)

6. Dinner & Dessert

OK, so there was a little bit more planning involved with dinner because food is very important to me. But, it was more just a Google search to see what was near the hotel. There was a place called Rocco’s Tacos nearby, and I’m always game for tacos and tequila, so it seemed like a must to go there.

The food was great and the churros for dessert were even better!

So, if you find yourself in the Dumbo area for just a few days like I did, you should definitely give these sights and restaurants a try. There’s no going wrong with a laid-back mini-vacation and some good eats along the way, you know? Off to Brooklyn you go!

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