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7 Neon Signs You Need To Brighten Your Home

We love quotes in general, especially motivational quotes. We always write down things we need to do, grocery lists, and really everything- we're very visual people. Something about writing the things down helps us actually accomplish them!! So when it comes to working out, school work, or going to work everyday becoming the ultimate girl boss- we like to leave little messages behind for ourselves. Just to tell ourselves, "you got this!"

What better way to do that then with neon signs? Everything is better in neon lettering. It's fun and can serve as inspiration and decoration. Overall it can just make your space more playful and liven any room in your home/apt right up!

You can customize your own sign or buy some pre-made amazingness. We scouted the Internet for the best of the best for light-up signs. Prepare yourselves to make your home where other people turn to for interior design inspiration!

1. Adventure Is Calling

Adventure Sign, $199, Gilt

Adventure really is calling! Time to pick up your phone, girrrll!

2. Seize The Day

Carpe Diem!

3. It Was All A Dream

It Was All A Dream, $219, Gilt

This would be soo cool to go into your bedroom! Sweet dreams!

4. Stay Wild

Stay Wild, $198, Urban Outfitters

Just a reminder to stay wild. Always.

5. Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only Sign, $1,100, Etsy// Marcus Conrad Poston

This sign would make your home a good vibe zone!!

6. Be Nice

Be Nice, $860, Etsy// Marcus Conrad Poston

Even on your bad days, remember to be nice.

7. No Bad Days

No Bad Days, $475, Etsy // House Bar

We think this is a good motto to live by.

8. Custom Neon

Custom Neon Sign, $292, Spell Brite

Create your own line to live by!

Brighten your home now!

-- Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (8);

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