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Here's How To Have A Vacation Without Leaving Home

We’re not sure if it’s because it’s still cold outside or because it’s been a while since we last travelled — but something has us dying to visit somewhere new and, preferably, warm.

As much as we’d like to, it’s not always realistic to pack up our bags and take a vacation. So, we’ve been steady brainstorming ways we can make home feel like some kind of getaway, and honestly, we think we’ve found the perfect solution to giving yourself a break — without hopping on a plane.

You see, it’s all about doing what you’d do on vacation, from the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Sure, it’s nice to go exploring and see things you’ve never seen before while on vacation, but taking a trip is also about relaxing, resetting and, you know, avoiding the mundane-ness of everyday life.

So, if you’re dying to recharge, but don’t have the option to lay on a beach somewhere, why don’t you give these things a try. Trust us — we’ll be doing this as often as we can until our budget and dreams of travel finally align!

1. Breakfast In Bed

Put on a robe or your nicest pajama set and feast on something delicious without leaving bed. We recently tried this, and our food of choice was a veggie-filled quiche. Breakfast in bed is always highly recommended. What better way to start the day, you know?

2. Look At Magazines

While you’re in bed, be sure to really enjoy it. Stack a pile of magazines high beside you and lay down for a while. Might as well feed your wanderlust through photographs in the pages of Coastal Living, Vogue and more, right?

3. Online Shop

One of the best parts of travel is going shopping. So, why not treat yourself to a little something special while you’re sipping coffee and lounging under the covers? A bit of shopping cures all, after all.

4. Face Mask

You may not be in a spa in an exotic location, but you can still pamper yourself. While you relax and turn magazine page after magazine page, set the timer for 20 minutes and slather a face mask on. Your skin will thank you for it!

5. Order In

Eating is something we like to do A WHOLE LOT of while we’re on vacation. But, cooking and cleaning is no fun (and so not vacay style), so order in for a change. We’re huge fans of breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.

6. Take A Bath

After a long day of lounging, a little extra dose of relaxation right before bed is going to help ease you into a good night’s rest, just as a full day of travel would. So, pour in the bubbles, salts our whatever suits you and soak for a while.

7. Go On An Adventure

Ok, so that was Saturday. You’re relaxed and feeling great, so now it’s time for a little adventure. Wake up on Sunday and go to a coffee shop you’ve never been to before or even just take a walk in the opposite direction. Do something new and exciting, right where you live. Because believe it or not, you don’t have to travel to gain new experiences!

When you do have the opportunity to travel, by all means — don’t hesitate. Just go! But, this should help hold you over until you can fly off to somewhere new and different. Go on and give it a try this weekend! We’ll be testing it out right along with you!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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