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4 Charming Cottages To Stay In This Christmas

If you're looking to pull a Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet from the Holiday and switch up your scenery this Christmas, than this post is for you! Maybe you already have a trip planned for your family this Christmas. Or maybe this post can serve as inspiration for you to book quick weekend trip for Christmas ASAP.

Either way, it is always fun to daydream. We love to pick destinations and do research about that town. And what would we do if we were go there. Which coffee shops would we brunch at? That sort of thing.

But Christmas is all about family time so this cute cottages would be where you spent majority of your time on December 25, so we made sure these homes were all super cute. First we did research on Christmas towns and then looked to find the best of the best cottages still available for this holiday season.

It's time to start cottage searching!

1. Durango, Colorado

Photo via: Airbnb

This is a super modern cottage. Not only is this home amazing with an adorable back patio, the most special part is it's location. Durango, Colorado is the place to go for the holiday season. You'll most likely have a White Christmas. But beyond that, in Durango there is a train that comes through the winter months like the Polar Express. The book comes alive along with Christmas magic!

Photo via: Country Living

2. Ashville, North Carolina

Photo via: Airbnb

This quirky retreat will be a nice little change this holiday season. It might not be what you typically envision when you think cottage. It's off the grid so you'll have a relaxing holiday. Plus it's only minutes away from the Biltmore Estate. It's a must-see while in Ashville, the Labels and Lacquer Girls have visited many times.

3. Dorset, Vermont

Photo via: Airbnb

Of course, we had to find a cottage in Vermont. Our favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas after all! Aww this is 1,200 Squire house is just adorable. Can't you just picture it in the... "Snow, snow, snow, snowwww." If you have seen White Christmas, you understand! The cottage is perfect for the holidays- it has two fireplaces. Our bags are packed!

4. Santa Claus, Indiana

Photo via: VRBO

Okay it doesn't get more Christmas-y than this. How did I not know this town existed? It seems like it's Christmas year-around here.

The listing for this home is, "Rudolph's Christmas Cabin." It looks rustic and cozy. Which is the perfect combo for the holidays if you ask us!

Get to booking! Or get a head start on next year!

Happy Holidays!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Airbnb (3); VRBO (1); Wix (1)

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