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9 Mugs You Need In The Spirit Of Keeping Warm This Season

Baby, it’s cold outside! And you’re not going to want to go a minute without a warm beverage in your hand. Whether you’re sipping coffee, cocoa, cider or pumpkin spice lattes, these mugs are the perfect way to enjoy the best drinks of the season.

The first snow has already come and gone where Augusta lives, so needless to say, she’s had warm beverages on the brain. Because nothing goes together quite like snow and a cup of joe.

Shop these mugs while the cold season lasts for all of the cozy feels.

1. Hello Sugar Mug Set

Hello Sugar Mug Set, $38, Draper James

There's nothing better than a little bit of southern sass in a glass!

2. Milk & Cookies Mug

Milk & Cookies Cup, $12, Anthropolgie

Make Santa's night when you leave this mug and a plate of cookies out by the fire.

3. Souper Mug

Souper Mug, 2 for $16, Urban Outfitters

Cuddle up on the couch with a mug full of soup to stay extra snuggly as you watch holiday movies!

4. Dot Mug

Dot Mug, $35, Recreation Center

I mean, come on. It just doesn't get cuter than this.

5. Coffee Mug

Sentiment Mug, $5, Pottery Barn

Simple and to the point. What more could you need?

6. Hot Stuff Mug

Clay Art Camper Mug, $5.99, Target

Hot 'n ready!

7. Carved Wood Mug

Carved Wood Mug, $14, Magnolia Market

A cup of coffee's never been more chic.

8. To-Go Mug

Porcelain Paper To-Go Cup, $28, Madewell X Food52

Make the office feel a little more like home when you drink out of this porcelain glass.

9. Snowy Salutation Mug

Snowy Salutation Mug, $14, Anthropologie

Go on and have a cup of cheer!

Here's to keeping cozy this season!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: aliissinisalu/Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (9)

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