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8 Ways to De-Stress--Calling All Boss Ladies

It's easy to get caught up with your routine and forget about taking care of yourself. It happens to the best of us. You're busy and the last thing you have time to do is relax. However that is one of the most important things to cross of your to-do list. Taking care of yourself, and getting enough sleep is just as important as school or work.

Here are some steps we like to take in order to live a more stress-free lifestyle. We admittedly need to do more of these steps on a weekly basis. But hey, now we are writing a guide we can follow too! Let's getting to de-stressing, shall we?

1. Light a Candle & Listen To Your Fav Music

Holiday scents and some tunes can help transport to a less stressful place!

2. Take a Bubble Bath

Bubble baths can cure just about anything! Especially when it comes to de-stressing. And here's a Labels and Lacquer tip- the more bubbles, the better!!!

3. Go For A Walk/Jog

Exercise can be the best thing for you-physically and mentally!

4. Wear A Face Mask

Nügg Face Mask de-stress, $16.45, Target

A little pampering sesh, never hurt nobody. In fact... we have another post that features mask specifically for de-stressing. Yes, we have thought of everything!

5. Yoga Sesh

Stretch and deep breathing can really help you relax and get you in the zone of "me time."

6. Fix Yourself a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Stopping everything your doing to literally stop and smell the coffee is just what you need. It gives you a moment of peace and helps reenergize you!

7. Read

With a technology driven world, we miss curling up with a good read. Find a good book and just read a few chapters every other day.

8. Do Something You Like

Take time out of your busy day to do something that you like to do. That could be watching tv/Netflix or doing a little online shopping, or throwing yourself an ice-cream party of 1. It doesn't matter, whatever you choose to do as long as you're happy and it takes your mind off your hectic schedule, even if only for a few moments.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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