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What To Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy

The day is finally here. Happy Halloween!!! I'm sure most of you have already celebrated with all the Halloween festivities this past weekend! If you're anything like the Labels and Lacquer girls you have had all the candy you possibly could because you have the excuse of it being strictly to celebrate the holiday. Since the holiday has came and go so quickly... What are you supposed to do with just the leftover candy? Well we have found some pretty creative ways to keep Halloween 2016 alive.

No tricks, only treats for this blog post. Of course you could just eat that snickers and that pack of M&M's. But what if you could create your own candy concoction? Say a candy overload brownie or candy bark? Yes we thought that would catch your attention.

No Halloween candy FOMO here, keep scrolling for some extra yumminess!

1. Everything Bars

Photo and Recipe via: Confessions From A Cookbook Queen

Everything but the kitchen sink in Halloween candy form! You really couldn't ask for more than that!

2. Candy Bar Pie

Photo and Recipe via: Crazy For Crust

I thought a classic apple pie was my favorite, but I think I was wrong. Candy Bar pie for me, please!

3. Leftover Halloween Candy Blondies

Photo and Recipe via: Just A Taste

The only thing that is better than brownies is brownies stuffed with candy. Right?!!

4. Leftover Candy Cookie Dough

Photo and Recipe via: The Baker Mama

Is this real life?!?

5. Candy Bark

Photo and Recipe via: Just A Taste

Yes yes and more yes!!

6. Leftover Candy Popcorn

Photo and Recipe via: Sugar Dish Me

Settle down for Hocus Pocus tonight with this popcorn!

7. Candy Corn Milkshake

Photo and Recipe via: Vivian and Me

Candy corn milkshakes, hmmm. We are game to try this spooky milkshake!

Hit those candy isles, with 50% off Halloween candy and get to baking!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (7); Giphy (1)

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