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Here's How To Create A DIY Photo Wall

While in NYC, we wanted to take tons of photos (of course) without being overly tourist-y. So, it was actually my boyfriend who came up with the idea of getting disposable cameras to tote along with us. I hadn’t used one of these since the ‘90s, but hey, the decade’s coming back in style anyways, right?

I went along with his idea, and it was basically the best decision we could have made. The cameras were easy to carry with us, and it’s kind of exciting to have to wait until the film gets developed to see how the photos turned out. No more instantaneous photos for us. Oh no! We were going ~retro~.

When we did get them developed, there were some great turn-outs. Of course, there were some not so great shots, too. Warning: the view finders on disposable cameras aren’t the best.

Once we had hard copies in our hands, I was excited to do something with them. I decided that I wanted to display them in a way that wouldn’t require nail holes in the walls (since we’re renters). So, I hit Pinterest up hard for some major DIY inspiration.

I liked the idea of hanging photos from a wire, and that’s ultimately what I went with.

It was super easy and cheap to create. The best part— no holes in the walls. Here’s how it turned out:

Here’s what you’ll need to do it for yourself:

  • 18 gage Wire (I used Copper)

  • Clips

  • Command Strips

  • Pliers

  • Heavy Books (for straightening the wire)

That’s literally all you need! Plus, photos obviously!

We liked it so much we even added a second row!

All you have to do is measure out how much wire you’ll need, plus a little extra for wrapping around the Command Strips. I left the wire under heavy books for a couple of days to make sure it was nice and straight.

Then, use the pliers to wrap each end of wire around the Command Strips.

Use tape to help mark where you want to place the wire.

Follow the directions on the Command Strips package to affix them to the wall.

Then, get creative and arrange the photos as you please.

Now, you’ll have the best place to sip coffee, read, and recall memories of traveling. Plus, the photo wall lends itself to really cool Instagram photos, and it just doesn’t get better than that, now does it?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L&L Originals (8)

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