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One Writer Took On NY & Here's What She Thought Of It

In case you’re a writer who’s always dreamed of having a career in the big city (like me), here’s my honest opinion of New York after spending six days there. I had a romanticized "Sex and the City" vision of what this place would be like, and now I’m here to tell you all about the ways it lived up to my expectations, as well as the ways it fell a little short. Because not everyone can be Carrie Bradshaw, after all.

First of all— a difference I noticed right off is with transportation. Not everything is as walkable/just a taxi ride away as you might think. It’s much more realistic to take the subway, in my opinion, but that means delayed trains, changing trains and dealing with all that goes on inside the trains. Mainly lots and lots of people (and by the looks of it— very little cleaning). But, if you’re willing to hop on the train to get somewhere, it will take you anywhere you need to go. It’s just definitely not super glamorous.

Also, *fun* fact. New York gets very hot and humid. I had no idea the weather was like this, so just be prepared for that if you ever visit the city in the summertime.

I found Brooklyn to be way more laid back than NY, and I honestly loved that. If I were ever to move to NY, I think I’d choose to live and Brooklyn and make the 40ish minute commute to the city everyday, if need be.

There are SO many cool places to eat, sights to see, etc. And it’s kind of nice to be in a place where you never feel like you could see everything. It makes every day an adventure.

Aside from crowds and complications with transportation, I really enjoyed everything we did there. But, if I had it all to do over again, I think I would limit the amount of things I tried to do in one day. Because tons of activities when you’re walking in the heat can be very overwhelming.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the Museum of Modern Art. That is truly a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Because you can only see a Picasso painting in real life for the first time once, you know? And there’s something incredible emotion-evoking and awe-inspiring about standing in front of a truly great work of art. And if you’re able to go with someone, do it. Because sometimes watching them be moved by art is the best part.

My New York trip was full of ups and downs, but it was incredible to visit my sister in this place, a place that she truly adores. It’s great to be in the city, but just a warning— it’s not always fun, or perfect or what you imagined it to be, but that’s ok. Because if New York has taught me anything, it’s that everything will be all right. And it will be, especially if you only take on what you can handle, one day at a time.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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