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DIY Donutccinos- Mini Donuts & Iced Coffee

Gossip Coffee was one of my favorite coffee shops I went to while in NYC. And lucky for me, it was really close to where I was staying. So that meant no subway ride for me, it was just a short walk away. It meant a lot. Gossip Coffee was the first coffee shop I went to during my summer in New York, and it was almost my last coffee stop before returning home.

It was funny to see how my first walk there I had to have my directions on my phone and I got lost on my way back home and ending up walking about three miles in the wrong direction. Then during my last walk there I walked straight there and back without getting lost, which is quite an accomplishment for me!

I made it a point to go to Gossip Coffee and get the donutccino! Yes, it is a sweet iced coffee with a donut through the straw. It seems to be the newest craze in NYC. It was soo delicious. Since I wont be able to go back to Gossip Coffee for a while, it got me thinking of how to recreate this at home! It really can’t be that hard, you just have to find/make mini donuts small enough to go through a straw!

Now let's have a few more views of that donutccino!

Image and Recipe via: Sprinkle Bakes

Check out this recipe for baked vanilla bean donuts! These will the cutest little addition to top your iced coffee. The cherry on top-if you will!

2. Iced Coffee

Image and Recipe via: Melanie Makes

For the iced coffee, you can do whatever iced coffee recipe you'd like. For a fun, tasty option I found an iced caramel mocha latte recipe. I think this will pair nicely with donuts!

Donutccinos for all! Enjoy!

Images: Courtesy blogs (2) L & L Originals

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