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Darby's Last Weekend in NYC

Saturday: Mood Fabrics & Times Square

Finally it was time for my last weekend in NYC. I had to end it with a bang of course! I wanted to get everything done that I hadn’t had a chance to do yet! Yes, that meant going to all the places where some of my fav movies took place. I went on a little New York movie tour. I also needed to buy fabrics before I left all the amazing fabric stores with hundreds and hundreds of rows of fabrics.

There were of course things I wanted to see one last time, like Times Square. I wanted feel the magic one last time!

Saturday: Saturday I went to Mood Fabrics for the first time. I have previously been to the home fabrics section. But this time I went into the fashion fabric part, located on the 3rd floor. Okay this place is crazy, y’all!!! Oh my gosh there is so much fabric, it is truly overwhelming! But I really felt at home the whole time.

I honestly can’t imagine having all that fabric at your fingertips. Back in Savannah, we only have three fabric stores- one of those being JoAnn’s.

Then I went to Times Square quickly just to take a quick stoll. But I knew I wanted to go back on Sunday to take photos with my polaroid camera.

Sunday: Dylan’s Candy Bar, Serendipity 3, Times Square, and Madison Square Garden

On Sunday I started the day at Serendipity 3. While I put my name in for a table, I killed time at Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is only the best way to kill time. Dylan’s Candy Bar is really like the modern Willy Wonka. Candy everywhere! It was fun to see all the yummy creations- gummies galore and a chocolate world. I could have done damage in there, but I opted just to look.

Then it was time to head back to Serendipity. I was so excited!! Serendipity has been one of my favorite movies since I’ve been little. And the L & L girls watch it annually around Christmas time. I was able to sit upstairs only two tables away from where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack have their first date. I ordered a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. I mean I had to, it is what Serendipity is known for. Let me just say it was delicious. I honestly think it wouldn’t be hard to recreate at home either.

They sat at the table right by the mantle!!!

After Serendipity 3 I went back to Times Sqare and walked almost the length of 42nd street. I snapped a few pics on my phone and poloraid. Times Square is crazy and so crowded, but I absolutely love it. The energy is contagious!

After Times Sqaure I headed to Madison Square Garden, the VMA’s were taking place that night. I mean I had to try and get glimpses of all the celebs in NYC that night. Sadly I didn’t see anyone. But it was still cool to be outside of the place where so many celebs were gathering for an award show!

Monday: New York Elegant Fabrics & Café Lalo

I had Monday off from my internship since I was leaving on Wednesday to head back home. So I had an extra long weekend. First things first, I headed to do some more fabric shopping at New York Elegant Fabrics. I was very excited with my purchases.

After fabric shopping I went to Café Lalo. You know the one… the café from You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were supposed to have their first blind date. Another classic holiday movie favorite! All I needed was a copy of Pride and Prejudice and a red rose.

If you can’t remember what the café looks like- google it! It looks just like how it does in real life. I loved dining here, it was the cutest little spot. I ordered a baked apple Danish and a double mocha cappuccino.

There you have it another perfect weekend in New York. I have loved my time here, and I know I'll be back, probably in a year’s time. I love having an Empire State of Mind. New York is always a good idea (and Paris ;)

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