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15 Baseball Caps You Need For The Ultimate Cool Girl Vibes

Augusta and I are really into hats right now. They fit right in with the sporty fashion trend we are currently going through. Plus baseball hats are classic, they really will always be in style. They just have such an effortlessly cool vibe.

You can just throw them on with your fave sneakers from your closet. One of the best things about wearing hats is, you don't have to really style your hair. They'll hide any bad hair day. What more can you ask for, really?

I remember in the 4th grade I wanted a hat so badly. I went into a store while my family and I were vacationing at Myrtle Beach and saw a "Corona Extra" hat. I didn't know what Corona Extra was, I just wanted it because it was made with a pink corduroy and white mesh. My mom actually let me get it because I just wanted it so bad! I was too cool for school rocking that pink and white hat. So now my inner 4th grade self is freaking out!

Get ready to be so cool without even trying.

1. I Came To Break Hearts Cap

I Came To Break Hearts, $70, NASASEASONS

Rihanna recently stepped out wearing this hat. I stumbled upon this hat website because of Rihanna. And now we are OBsessed with all their hats. Unfortunately this hat is sold out right now. But, stay on the lookout for restocks! If it's good enough for Rihanna, it's good enough for us for sure!

2. Boys Don't Cry Cap

Boys Don't Cry, $50, NASASEASONS

Boys can cry. But come on this saying is so cute. I want it so bad!

3. Babe Cap

Babe Hat, $32, Urban Outfitters

For all you babes out there, we found a hat for you!

4. Satin Baseball Cap

Satin Baseball Hat, $24, Urban Outfitters

A shiny edginess is just what you need. We are loving this purplely metal color.

5. Vibing Cap

Vibing Baseball Cap, $7.90, Forever 21

Good vibes only.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Cap

This is simple and clean. We never mind repping a little Tommy Hilfiger.

7. Fila Baseball Cap

Fila Cap, $33, Asos

Another infamous streetwear brand. Sporty is the way to go!

8. Girl Gang Baseball Cap

Girl Gang, $25, Asos

Buy this hat for all your girl gang members! Only girls allowed!

9. On Vacay Cap

Wifey, $25, Asos

We always are on vacay, or at least we wish we were always on vacay. This is perfect for all the daydreamers.

10. Leopard Cap

Leopard Cap, $19.50, Asos

A little leopard action never hurt nobody.

11. Boy Bye Cap

Boy Bye Cap, $28, Shop the Ruu

In the words of Beyoncé, "BOY BYE!" Attitude for life.

12. Savage Cap

Savage Cap, $28, Shop the Ruu

Didn't they tell you we were savages?

13. Flip Phone Cap

Flip Phone Cap, $28, Shop Jeen

How cute is this little flip phone emoji hat? Major early 2000s throwback!

14. 1-800- Cap

1-800-PLS-DONT, $35, Shop Jeen

Pls don't!!!

15. Bad Gyal Hat

Augusta found this beauty! It's one of our favorites from the round-up! We are bad gyals, after all!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (15); Cover Image Urban Outfitters (1)

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