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NYC Guide: Must-See Sights

NYC is crazy, busy and always moving. We fit right in with that by cramming a lot of activities into a very short stay. No matter how long you’re in the city, you’ll be able to fit in a few of these activities, and we highly recommend that you do.

Do what you can handle and go at your own pace, but any of these sights are worth a stop. Because I mean, just look at these views.

1. Prospect Park

We stayed just a few blocks away from Prospect Park, and I’m so glad that we were within walking distance of this beautiful place. Not only was the green space amazing, but the houses in the area were also gorgeous, and it was nice just walking in the area.

Here’s a little selfie my boyfriend and I stopped to take on a park bench. Because that’s just what you do when you find yourself just sitting on a park bench in Brooklyn, you know?

2. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

I was so glad to get to see Carrie Bradshaw’s exterior apartment in person. This residential area was the cutest, by the way. But, what made this extra special was that Sex and the City literally changed my life. When I didn’t have a job and was trying to become a writer, it’s this show that helped me get through it all. I’d watch rerun after rerun as I applied for jobs because if Carrie could make it as a writer, then so could I, you know? The greatest thing NY ever taught me is “everything will be all right.” Carrie learned a lot from this city, and now, so have I.

3. Dumbo

You got a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the city from this walk along the water in Dumbo. It was a great area to hang out in, and was honestly one of my favorite spots we visited.

4. The Brooklyn Bridge

How can you not see the Brooklyn Bridge when you're in New York? We couldn't help but think of the scene when Miranda and Steve meet each other on the bridge to make up in the first Sex and The City movie.

Ahh this is a big tourist spot. So be ready for lots of peoples and selfies being taken. But with a view this gorgeous, it was easy to get past the crowds. You get a breathtaking cityscape view and you can even see the Statue of Liberty.

The best part about NYC is no matter how long you live here, you will never have time to see everything. But we loved being tourists and make a dent in our NYC bucket list!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: L & L Originals (9)

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