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Darby's NYC Weekend Guide: Weekend 4

It was another fun weekend in the city! This weekend I visited Chelsea and SoHo.

  • Aux Merveilleux De Fred 37 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014 - Ordered a chocolate chip pastry

  • Cha Cha Matcha 373 Broome St, New York, NY 10013- Ordered an iced coconut matcha latte


On Saturday I decided to go into the Chelsea area. Augusta gave me the recommendation. She had seen on Instagram and Twitter that Charlotte Tillbury had a partnered with Mister Softee ice-cream. The makeup truck was giving away free makeup samples and ice-cream. I mean how could a girl say no to that?! I got to Chelsea and I fell in the love with the area. The ice-cream truck was on 9th Ave and 14th street. I found it! Unfortunately the generator was broken so no free ice-cream. But hey, it wasn't all bad. I did get makeup samples and I was still in such a cool area of New York. I took a quick stop to eat lunch in a park then it was back to walking the city more.

I walked around Chelsea more. I went into a few shops around the area. Then I still needed a sweet, since I had high hopes of free ice-cream. I thought what is the next best thing? Yes, you guessed it... french pastries. I stopped at Aux Merveilleux De Fred and got a chocolate chip croissant. That was delicious but they are known for their meringue topped with everything from white chocolate to sprinkles and nuts. So, it's worth a trip.

I also went to Chelsea Market. This is a really cool spot full of shops and yummy food. I walked through and explored all the shops and drooled over every food stand. I will be going back again to take it all in again soon! And when Augusta comes next month we will for sure be hitting up the Chelsea Market- it's on our long list of things to do!!

Then on the way home I made a pitt stop for a smoothie! It was another successful Saturday in the city.


On Sunday I went into SoHo. I actually intern only 4 blocks away from this area. So I was excited to explore where I am almost everyday a little more. I've heard the best shopping is in SoHo. It did not disappoint. I made a few purchases. Hehe. One of my favorite purchases was a New York Police Department t-shirt. I bought it oversized so I could wear it as a dress. I went into H&M, Urban Outfitters, several cute pop-up shops, NYC local stores, Adidas, Journeys, etc. It was really fun and the area is super chic!

Cool graffiti in the area

After shopping I stopped by Cha Cha Matcha. I needed an iced coconut matcha latte, of course. The inside of the shop is so cool. It had Matcha everywhere and fun "Cha Cha" screen prints. The drink was nice and refreshing on a hot NYC afternoon.

Then I just walked Little Italy and China Town! How cool?!

This city has so much to offer! I love it here!

See you next weekend!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: All L&L Originals

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