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5 Nutella Latte Recipes Perfect For Any Time Of The Year

Photo and Recipe via: howsweeteats

I saw this a while ago and have been meaning to make an entire blog post dedicated to nutella lattes. Yes, NUTELLA lattes. Coffee and Nutella are two of our favorite things. When they come together to make one beverage, it truly is a match made in heaven.

During the summer, I think this Nutella latte would be perfect for those frequent rainy days, when all you want to do is have a pajama day. Or I’m sure you could alter these recipes to make them iced. Then, you could sip on this all summer, right up until you head to the beach or go poolside.

Basically what we're saying is, you can make Nutella lattes apart of your day in any way shape or form. Chocolate hazelnut spread lovers and caffeine lovers rejoice! Enjoy these recipes below.

Recipe and Photo via: thefauxmartha

Salted nutella lattes will be great to drink on the rainiest of days.

Photo and Recipe via: howsweeteats

This is just a plain nutella latte. Simplicity at its best.

Photo and Recipe via: The Almond Eater

Why didn't we think of this drink sooner? For all the chocolate lovers, this one is for you!

Photo and Recipe via: Heart of a Baker

See I told you, there would be an iced version. This is also for all the people that are dairy-free!

Photo and Recipe via: myrecipemagic

Cococut seems like the perfect addition to coffee and nutella.

We are brewing the coffee now. You know the L & L girls already had the Nutella! ;)

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6)

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