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5 Summer Workout Hairstyles That Are Far From Basic

Your summer sweat session are going to be intense, and since you’re likely heading outside to workout during the summer months more than any other time of the year you’re going to need some super cute ways to get your hair pulled up and out of your face, right? Absolutely!

These hairstyles will have you looking hot while working out all season long. These aren’t your average top knots, either. Oh no, these ultra cool hairstyles will do the job of getting your hair off of your neck while being far from basic.

So, let’s see how to amp up your workout style, shall we?

1. Three Buns

Half-buns are super trendy, but it's hard to rock a half-bun while you're working up a sweat, you know? Well, this triple bun tutorial allows you to pull of an on-trend look, but in a way that's still suitable for a workout.

2. Braided Bun

Photo via: Barefoot Blonde

This updo is easy to do and cute enough to wear to your post-workout smoothie sipping session.

3. Bubble Pony Tail

Photo Via: Barefoot Blonde

Sometimes pony tails are just the best for working out in, but at least this one is way better than a plain old one, you know?

4. Mohawk Knot Braid

Ok, how amazing are these mohawk braids? There's no way any hair is going to be falling as you exercise in this look, so be sure to bring the intensity!

5. Double Dutch Braids

The double dutch braids in this video are great for wearing all day long. Braid your hair in the morning, go for a jog and then get on with the rest of your day, all while looking incredible. Low maintenance hairstyles are the best, aren't they?

All right, ladies. Get out there and work up a sweat. Oh, and don't worry about your hair at all. It looks great!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Barefoot Blonde (2); YouTube (3)

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