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How To Host The Perfect Brunch Courtesy Of Draper James

We went to Draper James in November this past year, the cutest brand created by the equally cute Reese Witherspoon. We fell in love with the store and just Nashville in general. Check out those throwback posts there. Another thing the Labels and Lacquer girls love is brunch. I mean who doesn’t love brunch? That’s why when we saw Draper James had a new brunch home-ware line out—We had to write about it.

We know the importance of a perfect sausage gravy biscuit and some sweet tea. What that yummy biscuit is served on is just has important! If you need help knowing exactly what to fix for your brunch party, don’t worry Draper James has literally though of everything. There are the best of the best Southern cookbooks available to shop, too!

Southern belles meets brunch hosting duty with these Draper James pieces. The line features everything from a “Brunch Y’all” mug to adorable saucer plates with lovable Southern phrases. We can’t wait to have these at our next brunch get together.

Call your friends up and get to cooking, you have a brunch to host, with the help of Draper James, of course!

1. Brunch Y'all Mugs

Brunch Y'all Mug Set, $40, Draper James

Start the brunch festivities off with a cup of coffee in these mugs, y'all!

2. Kiss My Grits & Butter My Biscuits Plates

Melamine Brunch Plate Set, $38, Draper James

Cooome on! Yes yes, we NEED these plates. They are so sassy!

3. Come & Get It Serving Platter

Come & Get It Platter, $28, Draper James

When you're ready come and get those hot biscuits... off these plate. Na na na na!

4. Lil' Slice Of Heaven Cake Plate

This is coming soon! But this is sooo cute, it's worth the pre-order!

5. Magnolia Place Mat

Die Cut Magnolia Placemat Set, $29, Draper James

Aww we love magnolias, so classically Southern! These beauties hold those pretty little plates.

6. Napkin Set

Bow Cocktail Napkin Set, $58, Draper James

Draper James has thought of everything, right down to the napkins!

7. Kitchen Towel

Bow Guest Towel Set, $68, Draper James

This is inspired by Forest Gump I'm sure. This will help keep the kitchen tidy during brunch prep.

8. Bow Table Runner

Bessie Bow Table Runner, $32, Draper James

These tiny little bows were meant to be running down the middle of your table.

9. Lemonade Y'all

Printed Lemon Pitcher, $22, Draper James

This will hold the lemonade for brunch, with lottts of sugar!

10. Brunch Invitations

I'm thinking these will be the brunch invitations given to all the guests.

11. Nashville Cookbook

Nashville Eats, $35, Draper James

All the Nashville inspired dishes you would need to keep your company happy!

Happy Brunching y’all!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: draperjames/instagram (1); Draper James (11)

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