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Darby's Letter To Hong Kong

Ahhh, Hong Kong. What can I say about this wonderful city? Augusta had already been to Hong Kong. When she returned home from her study abroad trip, I knew I wanted to go, too. I think everyone deserves to have an experience where you travel alone and abroad, it helps you learn more about yourself. It forces you to be in situations you wouldn’t necessarily have ever had a chance to be in. At times you are definitely out of your comfort zone.

View from my dorm window.

Now that I’m home and looking back at my trip, it feels crazy that it even happened. I do think I already knew who I was; being away by myself also further established my own idea of self.

One word to describe Hong Kong is movement. People, cars, lights are constantly moving around you. There is a sense of urgency. People walk with a purpose. Where they need to go is important. Dashing around slower people and dodging people coming towards you. There are so many people in the city, all on a mission. Everything seems to just move at a faster rate.

I had to ride the subway and be in the streets of China and find my way around. My least favorite part of Hong Kong was trying to find directions because the street signs were always confusing and hard to locate. I stayed busy with schoolwork. But whenever I did have time, I loved exploring the city and sightseeing. It definitely is an experience that helped me grow as a person, and I will never forget it!

All my favorite/most memorable moments in Hong Kong, all happened when Augusta was there. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you saw she came with me. She came a week before my classes started, so she got to show me around Hong Kong and help me adjust to the new city. Each day was jammed packed with activities of going to all the towns that make up Hong Kong. The Labels and Lacquer girls can’t wait to take over HK again!

I will forever have ties to Hong Kong. My sister loving the city and having unique experiences, made me want to go and create my own. I will definitely be going back to HK in the future.

Until next time, HK! I’ve loved every moment!



--Labels and Lacquer girls

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