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Use These Beauty Products To Cool Down After A Workout

You’re going to find yourself running errands and even heading to the office after a workout from time to time, and that means that you’re going to need to cool down, quick! Hey, no judgment here— a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

These products will hydrate your skin and in some cases give a cooling effect, making them the best post-workout products on the market. These items are sure to feel great on the skin and give you the boost you need to take on whatever’s next on your agenda. They’ll leave you looking and feeling refreshed and complete that post workout-glow you have going on.

Here are the best products to use after you hit the gym. They’ll help you go effortlessly from the gym to after work drinks because hey, we get it. You’re a busy girl on-the-go!

1. Cooling Water

Store this in the fridge and then throw it in your gym bag. This has a cooling effect, so slather it on after a workout to give your skin the boost that it needs.

2. Mineral Water Spray

This PH-balancing spritz will restore your complexion after getting all hot and sweaty. Just what you needed!

3. Cooling Setting Spray

This is especially great to use if you're going to be working out with makeup on. It's not the greatest for your skin, but it happens. Applying this before a workout will help keep your beauty look from melting away while you work up a sweat.

4. Soothing Face Mist

Soothing Face Mist, $18, Glossier

This rosewater spritz will leave your face smelling nice and feeling refreshed and hydrated after dehydrating yourself while exercising. Think of it as a big glass of water for the skin.

5. Mint Blotting Papers

This will take away any excess oil and grime and leave your skin tingling and feeling minty fresh at the same time. Perfect!

6. Mint Balm Dotcom

Balm Dotcom In Mint, $12, Glossier

You can apply this salve to your lips for a minty refresher. You can also highlight your cheeks or slick down your brows with this product, so it definitely deserves a spot in your gym bag!

Here's to the quickest, best-looking cool down you've ever had, ladies. Now, get out there and break a sweat, why don't you?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy Brands (6)

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