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Desk Accessories That All Girl Bosses Need

The first step to being a girl boss is knowing/owning that you are total girl boss! Okay, now that we have established how great we all are... The second step is having a desk to match your ambition! As bloggers we like to think of ourselves as our own girl bosses. We don't have to answer to anyone, we just work, work, work to make our dreams come true.

Girls like us have to keep busy. These items are what you need on your desk to help you keep up with your work.

Cute pink pencils will help you take notes and keep up with all your daily tasks. Quote inspirations are always good to have around to keep you motivated, not like you need it, though! Keep reading to see each and every little item that you need on your desk and help you keep the title of girl boss.

Girl bosses unite! Keep your desk flawless, just like you are!

1. #Hustle Pencils

Pencils, $2, Etsy

To quote the ultiamate Girl Boss Beyonce, "Now a diva is a female version of a hustler." Take notes with these adorable pink pencils and keep hustling!

2. Goal Digger Pencils

One can never have too many pencils. The more goals the better!

3. Good Vibes Only Print

Wall Print, $19-$199, Urban Outfitters

To keep a postive work environment, good vibes only are essential.

4. Coasters

Kate Spade New York, $25, Saks Fifth Avenue

Hold all your caffeine beverages in style, thank you Kate Spade!

5. Coffee Mug

Mug, $15, Etsy

A litte Mean Girl reference never hurt nobody and well you are like really pretty! Plus how great will this coffee mug look on your coasters??

6. Desk Holders

Desk Accessories, $50 West Elm

A girl boss needs to keep everything nice and organized and these various holders will help you do just that.

7. Mini Chalkboard Frame

Mini Chalkboard, $25, Etsy

How cute is this to write all your many to-do lists on?!

8. Girl Boss Plate

Girl Boss Plate, $28, he said she said big cartel

Last but not least, this will show your status to the world.

After these purchases, you'll need a promotion? What's next, I guess Girl CEO!

Images: Courtsey brands (8)

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