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7 Products That Will Give You The Best Highlight Of Your Life

This season’s all about minimal makeup and a dewy glow. Praise! You know, think more along the lines of non-touring and less about contouring. That’s definitely something that the Labels & Lacquer girls can get behind. I can’t speak for my sister (because she’s much better at it than I am), but I never quite got the hang of the whole contouring thing.

But, a dewy glow? Now, that I can do. And you can definitely do it, too. All you need is the perfect highlighter to complete your makeup routine (that only consists of primer and a little bit of minimal coverage in terms of foundation).

Achieving the perfect glow is seriously as easy as 1, 2, 3— with that third step being the CRUCIAL one. But, if you shop any of these highlighters, you’re sure to get a radiant makeup look that’s great for spring and summer.

Let’s find out just how to get you glistening, shall we?

1. Face Illuminating Powder

If you're looking for pearly shine that just won't quit-- well, you just found it.

2. Champagne Pop

Have your champagne and wear it, too. This pinky peach shimmer is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of bubbly. Pop, shimmer, clink!

3. Liquid Highlight

If a natural looking glow is just the kind of look you're going for, here's just the product to give it to you.

4. Golden Glow

You'll look like a perfectly sun-kissed goddess in this golden shade.

5. Natural-Looking Shine

High Beam Liquid Highlight, $26, Benefit Cosmetics

This will add so much shine to your already gorgeous, natural complexion.

6. Candlelight Glow

Candlelight Glow Highlighter, $30, Too Faced Cosmetics

Whether you're dining by candlelight or laying out poolside, this is a shine you can count on, wherever the summer takes you!

7. Shimmering Palette

A palette that can do it all (add shimmer to your bronzer, blush and give an amazing highlight) is something that you pretty much have to add to your makeup bag.

Get gorgeous and glowing this season with these amazing highlighters. You'll have loads more fun in the sun if your skin is shimmering!

Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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