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12 Of Our Best Moments In Hong Kong

Upon reflecting on our trip, it was hard to come up with a list of our "best" moments in this city. There were so many good times that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few of our favorites. Because honestly, just getting to experience traveling Hong Kong together was a dream come true for both of us.

But, because we thought it'd be fun to cover the highlights of our trip, we made ourselves pick out some of the favorite places we visited and things we experienced throughout our eight day stay.

As you can see, we couldn't narrow it down to just a few things, but we're proud of ourselves for even getting the list down to twelve. Plus, if you're thinking about visiting HK, it might be nice to have an extensive list of places you should visit. If that's the case, the Labels & Lacquer girls have got you covered! You can thank us later!

1. The Coffee Academics

Visiting this coffee shop was such an incredible experience. The interior was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and I dare say that was the best (and only) Coconut Macchiato we've ever had. We were incredibly lucky to get to mark this coffee shop off of our bucket list. And honestly, getting the opportunity to visit this coffee shop for a second time around would be worth a return trip to HK, 15 hour flight and all.

2. Be-Juiced

We were all about juices in Hong Kong. Augusta spotted this little juicing gem on the street. We went in and immediately fell in love with this little shop. We picked our juices and sat at the bar top table outside. It was one of the only moments in Hong Kong we actually stopped to relax for a second. In a city that is constantly in fast forward, it was nice to take it all in and sip on our juices. Ordering recommendations: Augusta got an Aloha Chiller with pineapple juice, strawberry juice, and acai berries. I got the Milkilicous and it had cashew milk, almond milk, agave nectar and cinnamon.

3. The Peak

This was a pretty surreal moment. Augusta had been before and told me all about this view. We literally felt like we were on top of the world. We took the tram up a very steep mountain and then got to look at all the shops and restaurants. Finally, we reached the peak. It was crazy to see Hong Kong from its tallest point. Skyscrapers, mountains, ocean, we saw it all, and I loved every minute. It was truly the best view.

4. Classified

Going to Classified was a happy accident. We had this coffee shop on our list of cafes, but we weren't actually looking for it when we saw it just down the street from where we were standing. It was more than just luck that we found this place. It was fate. Because that was the best blueberry French toast of our lives. And we were clearly destined to have it. Thank goodness for Classified coffee shop, is all I can say.

5. Oddie’s Foodies

Before we took flight to Hong Kong, the L & L girls definitely had to do some dessert research on where to go to get the best of the best. And we found it! Oddie's Foodies has gelato and egguettes (a famous dessert in HK.) The egguettes are basically huge waffles that are filled with yumminess. Yes I look back on going here very fondly. It was one of most favorite treats. Waffles, soft serve, hot fudge, red velvet cake, I think we successlely did everything in Hong Kong we came to do!

6. In & Out

This was one of Augusta's favorite clothing stores to go to the first time she came to Hong Kong. We spotted this in Wan Chai on the way to Oddie's Foodies, and we were both so excited. This was really my first time experiencing shopping in Hong Kong. I immediately filled my arms with so many clothes. I ended up getting a denim trench coat, and a matching dress and trench set. Augusta also got a matching dress and trench set in a different color. Why did we pick out the same thing to buy? Because we are basically the same person! Shopping... Check!

7. Abercrombie & Fitch

Ok, let me set the scene for you here. It was pouring rain, and we were trying out the death-defying act of walking with umbrellas in Hong Kong. Darby's shoe was untied, and she needed to stop to tie her shoe. There was no way we could just suddenly stop on the sidewalk, so we walked under the next covered area we saw. It happened to be a store entrance, but we weren't sure for which store. That smell, though. We knew we recognized that smell. We decided to go inside, and sure enough, it was Abercrombie & Fitch. Our noses hadn't failed us. We'd know that smell anywhere.

But, this wasn't your ordinary Abercrobmie & Fitch. Oh no. This was the nicest Abercrombie & Fitch. EVER. There were chandeliers and grand staircases, and we both felt as if we'd died and gone to heaven being in there.

We had to fight the urge to go back inside every time we walked by it again. But, at least we could still smell the perfume on the streets as we passed.

8. Shopping in Sham Shui Po

Yes, more shopping. Augusta held her own when it came to shopping the first time she was in Hong Kong, so she successfully showed me the ropes. Sham Shui Po has several streets of shops set up. And I think we went into just about all of them. Not really, but we tried.

We loved getting to shop and see all the trends that will be rolling around to the U.S. in a few months. While I'm here for school, I will continue to go to the shops. (most likely every day!) More shopping pictures to follow!

9. Greyhound Café

This restaurant was located in a cozy corner of the IFC Mall and had a variety of food options. Being the Americans that we are, we went for the Hamburger Slider entree, and I don't regret it for a second. They were gourmet hamburgers, and our favorite one had gruyere and strawberries on it. It was so so good, and we will definitely be trying a copycat version for ourselves back in the States. We topped that off with a parfait for dessert. It was a mix of chocolate ice cream and different chocolate candies. It was, of course, amazing (it's hard not to be with those ingredients).

10. Dirty & Decadent

Of course the name "Dirty & Decadent" caught our eye. We were wondering what kind a place somewhere bearing this moniker could be, and it turned out to be a burger joint. It was a kind of retro diner-style, and it was conveniently located near to our hotel. So, of course, we popped in for a burger and french fries. It was an excellent choice. You can't go wrong with a burger, and "Dirty & Decadent" are two of our favorite words, after all. ;) It's nickname, we came to find out is "Double D." Even better, huh?

11. Tsui Wah

This was actually the first place we ate while in Hong Kong. On the very first rainy day we were walking the streets in Central, and we deiced to wander into this restaurant. And I'm so happy we did.

This restaurant became a comfort for us, because we knew we could always get good food and delicious fried rice. When we got to the hotel later that night talking about our day Augusta was shocked I remembered the name "Tsui Wah."Every time I see a Tsui Wah I smile, because I remember it was the first place Augusta and I ate in Hong Kong.

12. Phone Cases

One of my favorite things Augusta brought back for me the first time she came to HK were... PHONE CASES. They have sooo many choices. I was on a mission when we went to Ladies' Market in Mong Kok to find phone cases. I bought a (faux) Moschino phone case that looks like a spray can bottle, and I haggled with the woman in the tent to get a cheaper price (like a pro!). I was proud of my haggling abilites and my new phone case, I mean you can never go wrong with Moschino!

So, all of these moments were incredible, but the best part BY FAR of the entire trip was getting to experience these things with each other. We're sisters and best friends so every moment spent together, high or low, are the best moments of our lives.

Hong Kong, you served the Labels & Lacquer girls well, and our time there will surely never be forgotten. And these times we'll definitely hold us over until we hit up our next travel destination. We haven't traveled everywhere, yet, but it's on our list. Look out world, the Labels and Lacquer girls are coming for you-- one coffee shop, shopping trip and burger joint at a time!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L& L Originals (8); doubledburger/Instagram (1); Ladies' Market Website (1)

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