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12 Of Our Best Moments In Hong Kong

Upon reflecting on our trip, it was hard to come up with a list of our "best" moments in this city. There were so many good times that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few of our favorites. Because honestly, just getting to experience traveling Hong Kong together was a dream come true for both of us.

But, because we thought it'd be fun to cover the highlights of our trip, we made ourselves pick out some of the favorite places we visited and things we experienced throughout our eight day stay.

As you can see, we couldn't narrow it down to just a few things, but we're proud of ourselves for even getting the list down to twelve. Plus, if you're thinking about visiting HK, it might be nice to have an extensive list of places you should visit. If that's the case, the Labels & Lacquer girls have got you covered! You can thank us later!

1. The Coffee Academics

Visiting this coffee shop was such an incredible experience. The interior was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and I dare say that was the best (and only) Coconut Macchiato we've ever had. We were incredibly lucky to get to mark this coffee shop off of our bucket list. And honestly, getting the opportunity to visit this coffee shop for a second time around would be worth a return trip to HK, 15 hour flight and all.

2. Be-Juiced

We were all about juices in Hong Kong. Augusta spotted this little juicing gem on the street. We went in and immediately fell in love with this little shop. We picked our juices and sat at the bar top table outside. It was one of the only moments in Hong Kong we actually stopped to relax for a second. In a city that is constantly in fast forward, it was nice to take it all in and sip on our juices. Ordering recommendations: Augusta got an Aloha Chiller with pineapple juice, strawberry juice, and acai berries. I got the Milkilicous and it had cashew milk, almond milk, agave nectar and cinnamon.

3. The Peak

This was a pretty surreal moment. Augusta had been before and told me all about this view. We literally felt like we were on top of the world. We took the tram up a very steep mountain and then got to look at all the shops and restaurants. Finally, we reached the peak. It was crazy to see Hong Kong from its tallest point. Skyscrapers, mountains, ocean, we saw it all, and I loved every minute. It was truly the best view.

4. Classified

Going to Classified was a happy accident. We had this coffee shop on our list of cafes, but we weren't actually looking for it when we saw it just down the street from where we were standing. It was more than just luck that we found this place. It was fate. Because that was the best blueberry French toast of our lives. And we were clearly destined to have it. Thank goodness for Classified coffee shop, is all I can say.

5. Oddie’s Foodies

Before we took flight to Hong Kong, the L & L girls definitely had to do some dessert research on where to go to get the best of the best. And we found it! Oddie's Foodies has gelato and egguettes (a famous dessert in HK.) The egguettes are basically huge waffles that are filled with yumminess. Yes I look back on going here very fondly. It was one of most favorite treats. Waffles, soft serve, hot fudge, red velvet cake, I think we successlely did everything in Hong Kong we came to do!

6. In & Out

This was one of Augusta's favorite clothing stores to go to the first time she came to Hong Kong. We spotted this in Wan Chai on the way to Oddie's Foodies, and we were both so excited. This was really my first time experiencing shopping in Hong Kong. I immediately filled my arms with so many clothes. I ended up getting a denim trench coat, and a matching dress and trench set. Augusta also got a matching dress and trench set in a different color. Why did we pick out the same thing to buy? Because we are basically the same person! Shopping... Che