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All The Coffee Shops The L & L Girls Went To While In Hong Kong

Before we left for our trip to Hong Kong, I wrote a Dream Café List for the blog. It was sort of a café bucket list for us. I did research and found the best of the best, ranging from a Parisian café on Montmartre to a café shaped like a camera in South Korea. Two of the cafés on the list were actually in Hong Kong. The L & L girls managed to go to both of them, checking a couple of spots on the list. And we can honestly say those were some of our favorite moments of the trip.

What can we say? We are fashion bloggers and slight caffeine addicts! Here are all of the coffee shops we went to while in HK. Enjoy and grab a coffee to sip on while you read, or better yet, book your flight to Hong Kong!

1. The Coffee Academics

This was definitely my favorite coffee shop we went to in Hong Kong. I mean, we ordered a coconut latte, avocado toast with poached eggs, and a little after brunch dessert (churros). Yes, churros. To be completely honest with you, the main reason we wanted to go was for the churros, all the way from America to China for some yummy churros. They did not disappoint, they were even served with coffee gelato and then drenched in chocolate sauce. Everything was yummy! I know why it’s called The Coffee Academics, because it taught me a thing or two about how a café should be.

2. Classified

We went to the Classified location in Central, in my dream café post, it was the Repulse Bay location. We ordered blueberry French toast with bacon, an iced cappuccino and an iced latte. Everything was delish. We highly recommend going here. We were able to sit outside and look over the streets of HK, which was an added bonus.

3. The Cupping Room

We took a quick pit stop in here one morning for pastries and coffee. (Yes, all of our pit stops consist of pastries and coffee.) The iced lattes were great and it was so adorable and tiny on the inside. The chocolate croissants weren’t half bad, either.

4. Starbucks in Central

This is the view from the steps leading to Starbucks!

A person from Hong Kong told me that I had to go to this Starbucks. It’s not just any old Starbucks; the interior was designed by local Hong Kong lifestyle brand G.O.D. The decoration is known as “Bing Sutt” it mashes old-world Hong Kong with new world Hong Kong. We frequented this Starbucks several times. Our favorite drinks to get were Burnt Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate Hazelnut Macchiato.

The dream cafes were amazing! Now we only have a few more stops to make to finish off our coffee shop bucket list. On our vacay we were definitely able to get our caffeine fixes in the best ways possible. Hong Kong has a lot to offer, most importantly tons of cafes for the Labels and Lacquer girls to write about (which is the only way we'd like to spend our time!).

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Photos (8); bonanzacoffee/Instagram (1)

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