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The Mini Hotel: Where The Labels and Lacquer Girls Are Staying In Hong Kong

During our vacation in Hong Kong, we are staying at the the Mini Hotel. We had actually come across this hotel before when we were doing a search for dream hotels across the globe. Because, yes, that's just the kind of thing we spend our time doing. What can we say? The L & L girls like to be fully prepared for all their future vacations.

We remembered the Mini Hotel, because the theme of the entire hotel is, well, mini. The rooms are smaller than normal- they are cute and fun size. The rooms range from 80 sq. ft to 120 sq. ft. We knew what we were getting into in terms of the size. In fact we are excited to experience the smaller sized room it just seems like a cool concept that’s specific only to Hong Kong. The rooms look so cute and the city views are to die for.

The hotel is located in Central which is described as the “pulse of Hong Kong.” It’s where all the action is. It’s close to several tourists locations, like Victoria’s Peak which is the highest point in Hong Kong that overlooks the whole city.

The Lobby Area

This looks so stylish. I mean that table, and look at that area rug?

How cute is this? It just looks like the perfect area to curl up in and take a nap on a rainy day.

The Rooms

I love the little details like the throw pillows, the mini marble table, and the succulent plant.

It may be tiny but look at that view!!

We loved our experience in the mini rooms. We stayed in Hong Kong in style! Check out our Instagram and Twitter for all our travel photos!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy the Mini Hotel (5)

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