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10 Healthy Girls' Night In Snacks

Girls’ night is just the best of nights. You can't beat getting together with all your girlfriends, just having fun and laughing all night long. Some of the best girls’ nights are spent inside-- watching movies, drinking wine, or just talking. And with it being the New Year, we’re still inspired to be healthy. So we are here to bring you the best healthy snacks for a night of fun spent inside with your gals.

It’s hard to find snacks that are yummy and still healthy. Now, you will be eat goodies and not cheat on your resolution! It’s the best of both worlds!

Have fun, tell your friends to bring the wine, because you will have the snacks.

1. Banana Bites

Photo & Recipe via: A Healthy Slice of Life

Chocolate and peanut butter pair with bananas for the ultimate trio.

2. Zucchini Pizza

Photo & Recipe via: Sweet C's Designs

Healthy pizza? Sign us up!

3. Apple Nachos

Photo & Recipe via: Made to be a Momma

Nachos usually are classified as a “cheat day” snack, but not when apples are the main ingredient.

4. Black Bean Dip

Photo & Recipe via: Healthy Yummy Easy

What’s a party without a good dip?

5. Cucumber Sandwiches

Photo & Recipe via: Coach Calorie

These sandwiches are the cutest. Just throw ham, turkey, and cheese in between the cucumber sandwiches for the perfect little snack.

6. Zucchini Fries

Photo & Recipe via: Damn Delicious

Umm, yes! These will be a huge hit with everyone!

7. Healthy Soft Pretzels

Photo & Recipe via: Desserts With Benefits

Bread and healthy don’t usually go in the same sentence, except when you’re talking about these pretzels. P.S. they are low carb and gluten free.

8. Healthy Popcorn

Photo & Recipe via: Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Popcorn is always a MUST for a good movie night!

9. Blueberry and Yogurt Kebabs

Photo & Recipe via: Be a Fun Mom

Fruit that is covered in yogurt, need I say more?

10. Healthy Rice Krispie Treats

Photo & Recipe via: The Big Man's World

These will be all gone in under a minute.

It’s bound to be a fun night, and only healthy snacks will be on the menu. Thank us later.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Blogs (10); SergeEsteve/Unsplash

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