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The Hot Cocoa Station That You Need For Your Next Get-Together

Where are you Christmas?! We already can’t wait till December 25th, next year. This year when all of our family came over, we had a hot cocoa station. Yes, that’s right! Since hot cocoa is like the drink to drink at Christmas, I thought it was a perfect fit. Hot cocoa is great for the entire winter season, though. So we think you should set up a hot chocolate station in your home, too, or at least at your next get-together.

We found a hot chocolate recipe that’s made in the crock-pot. That’s the best and most convenient way for everyone to be able to serve themselves. Plus the best part is, the hot cocoa stays extra hot all night. We set up mix-matched Christmas themed mugs in front because that just made it more fun.

Alongside the hot chocolate, we had a bouquet of marshmallows displayed in a jar. We dipped marshmallows into chocolate and added Christmas colored sprinkles. We stuck lollipop sticks into the marshmallows, to make the marshmallows easy to be dipped into the hot chocolate. The marshmallows could be paired with the hot cocoa or they were delicious all by themselves.

That’s all you need for your very own hot chocolate station. Enjoy and drink up—have a cup for the Labels and Lacquer girls while you're at it!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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