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The Labels and Lacquer Girls' Christmas Wishlists

We are so excited to share our Christmas wishlists with you this year. This is our first Christmas since we've had our blog, and we couldn't wait to share all of the goodies we wanted for Christmas. It's our favorite holiday, and hey, we always love having an excuse to do more online shopping! We hope our wishlists inspire what you are asking for. And to Santa: we have been very good girls this year!

Darby's Wishlist

1. Thermal Long Janes, $55, Victoria's Secret

I always ask for a new pair of pajamas for Christmas! Because pajamas and the holidays really just go hand and hand. How festive and cozy would this pair from Victoria's Secret be?

This tiny little purse is so adorable. And I love anything with pink fur on it!

3. Fluffy Fur Co-Ord Set, $27, boohoo

I really wanted a new co-ord for Christmas. They are so on trend, this furry little number is perfect to wear for all my holiday festives and into the new year.

You really can never have too many co-ord sets, was my train of thought behind choosing this in my Christmas wishlist.

5. Christmas Bubble Bath Set, $18, Anthropologie

I love a good bubble bath, so I wanted my baths to be in the Christmas spirit, too!

I'm a little faux fur crazy this Christmas. I just love this vest and just think it would pair great with a pair of thigh high boots!

7. Sparkly Gold Boots, 59, Zappos

Give me some sparkle and I am good to go!

This is from the Rihanna x Stance collection. Anything with Rihanna's name behind it, I'll support!

9. Ash Tie Top, $88, Sabo Skirt

I wanted a new hoodie for Christmas and this hoodie has a little bit of everything from having a turtleneck to lace up details.

Augusta's Wishlist

For this year’s wishlist, there’s a mix of super stylish pieces and pieces that are made for lounging in because I don’t know about you, but I have extreme opposites: I either care how I look or I really don’t. So, there’s a little something here for those days where you’re going to be seen out in public and those days that you don’t plan on leaving your couch, and if you ask me, that’s the best of both worlds.

1. Sequin Sack Dress, $129, Urban Outfitters

Sequins are so fun and festive, and this silver sack dress would be the perfect thing to wear to a NYE party.

2. Bueller II Shades, $20, Nasty Gal

How can you go into the new year without a pair of stunna shades, you know? I’ve been feeling sunnies that have a brow bar, so that’s why this pair made my wishlist.

3. The Lounge Bra, $39.50, Victoria's Secret

This bra is called the “Lounge Bra,” so I was pretty much sold as soon as I learned that. A bra that’s comfy enough to wear during a Netflix binge session? Don’t mind if I do.

4. Drawn To You Weekender Bag, $54.40, Nasty Gal

This stylish weekender bag will upgrade your airport style game in a major way. For all the travel that’s coming your way in 2016— it’s sure to be better with this bag at your side.

5. Luxe Heathered Robe, $49, Pottery Barn

I’m all about the robe life. There’s nothing better than a cozy robe to cuddle up in.

6. Marble Journal, $12, Urban Outfitters

A marble notebook is so chic. It’s the perfect accompaniment to lattes for when you’re looking to get a little work done in a coffee shop.

7. Levi's Sherpa Bomber Jacket, $69.99, Urban Outfitters

A shearling bomber jacket is the ultimate when it comes to looking cool and staying warm. Sign me up!

8. The Afterhours Satin Pajamas, $59.50, Victoria's Secret

Satin pajamas make pajama days all the more luxe. Enjoy not getting dressed!

Hope you get everything you're asking for! Have a very merry Christmas!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Created in Polyvore (2)

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