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The Labels and Lacquer Guide To Nashville

Since the Labels and Lacquer girls are Southern belles, we took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, y’all. We had never been before, and honestly, we still don’t understand how we'd lived our whole lives without ever going. Needless to say-- it was definitely time for the L & L girls to make their way the music city.

Where to Brunch: Frothy Monkey

We always like to do research on restaurants and coffee shops before we ever travel to a new place. Augusta is the best at finding restaurants, so I helped find the coffee shop that we were going to go to. I found Frothy Monkey. I was hooked by the name of the coffee shop, and then I saw all of the coffee drink flavors. With flavors like turtle latte, hazelnut white mocha, ginger snap latte, and Mayan mocha how could you resist? We opted for the hazelnut latte, yummm! And to accompany our coffee we split a pumpkin cheesecake muffin and the Frothy Monkey breakfast-- which consisted of eggs, bacon, and toast. The Frothy Monkey also has lunch and dinner, too-- so if you’re in the Nashville area, you can go there any time of the day and you won't be disappointed.

Where to Shop: Draper James

Draper James is a must-stop if you are in Nashville. It's the brand Reese Witherspoon created, and it was inspired by her Southern heritage, need I say more? It has everything a truly Southern store should have: ice tea greeting you at the door, Southernisms on the cutest products, and magnolia prints everywhere you turn. Not only can you find the most adorable tops and dresses adorned with bows and gingham prints; there are home products and accessories such as phone cases, scarves, mugs, note pads, and coasters. Basically anything you could think of to make your home have the Tennessee flare and make your guests feel at home, Draper James had!

We had a hard time choosing exactly what we wanted. We really just wanted to take the entire store home with us. Augusta chose to buy a perfectly southern set of mugs. They have a red gingham print with a gold handle. Written on the mugs is the saying, “Give me some sugar,” in matching gold letters. Now she can drink her coffee or hot chocolate in Reese-approved kitchenware. I chose a simple Draper James logo T-shirt that says, “Keep It Pretty Please.” I chose something simple that was apart of the Southern Girl Wardrobe Essentials list they had in the store because there's nothing like a white t-shirt, am I right? Our mom bought a sparkly wool scarf It truly fits her style perfectly because she loves anything that sparkles.

We highly recommend going to Draper James. Our next trip to Nashville, we will definitely be making a pit stop there.

Where To Eat: Acme Feed & Seed

Acme Feed & Seed not only had amazing southern cuisine, it also had an immense amount of southern history. Formerly an actual feed store, the building's been around since at least 1943. If you enjoy cold beer on tap, live music and brisket-- you're going to want to dine in this establishment. It's a combination of the best Nashville has to offer, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as we did.

I ordered the brisket sandwich which as served with BBQ sauce (of course), fries and cole slaw. That's some good southern eatin', y'all.

Where To Stay: Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo wasn't your average hotel chain kind of hotel (although, there's nothing wrong with a good old Holiday Inn). It's a much smaller chain full of unique locations, each one different from the next. Not only is it in the heart of downtown (within walking distance to restaurants, shops and more), it's also got plenty of nice touches. From woodgrain ceramic tiles to the nicest shower you've ever seen-- there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a stay at this hotel. Plus, with super soft pillows, I promise you'll get the best sleep you've ever gotten in a hotel.

Told you that shower was incredible.

All in all, the Labels and Lacquer girls had an amazing trip to Nashville. We definitely plan on coming back, now, ya hear?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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