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12 Candy Recipes You Can Make At Home For A Treat-Filled Halloween

Whether you just want to be the coolest person on your block, or you’re staying in this Halloween, you can make your own candy from scratch. Feel free to pass it out to all of the neighborhood kids or just enjoy it on your couch. Maybe a little of both. The choice is yours really, but no matter the scenario, I really don’t think you’re going to be able to pass up the opportunity to whip up a batch of your favorite candy.

From Reese’s Cups to Twizzlers you can find out how to make the classics by hand. Combine that homemade touch with these amazing flavors— your Halloween just got a whole lot sweeter.

1. Tootsie Rolls

You just can’t go wrong with ooey, gooey little rolls of chocolate. Get the recipe.

2. Candy Corn

This is a Halloween classic, so why not give it a homemade touch? Get the recipe.

3. Reese's Cup

Chocolate and peanut butter combine for absolute perfection. Get the recipe.

4. Kit Kat

All I can say is: Give me a break. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that— Kit Kat bar. Get the recipe.

5. Milky Way

I don’t know about you, but chocolate and nougat are my two favorite things. Get the recipe.

6. Snickers

Darby's made homemade Snickers before, and they're delicious. Get the recipe.

7. Twizzlers

How amazing would it be to make these from scratch whenever you wanted? Halloween movie night is going to be the best it’s ever been this year. Get the recipe.

8. Almond Joy

Chocolate, almonds and coconut make for the most amazing trio, don’t they? Get the recipe.

9. Cookies ‘N Cream Bar

Is this anybody else’s favorite type of Hershey bar? Get the recipe.

10. Raisinets

These are super easy to make and are sure to be a hit. Get the recipe.

11. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are too adorable not to make for yourself. Get the recipe.

12. Cow Tails

Cream-filled caramel candies are the way to go. Get the recipe.

Trick or treat, you ask? These are definitely going to be a treat!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Courtesy Blogs (12); Wix (1)

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