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10 Boozy Drinks That Will Keep You Toasty (And Tipsy) This Winter Season

The Labels and Lacquer girls are huge fans of hot cocoa and other warm drinks this time of year. And if the hot chocolate happens to be spiked— then, so be it! You can stay tipsy and toasty with these warm drinks that will carry you all through winter, all while keeping you warm. It doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

Check out these 10 cocktail recipes for drinks that are hot, delicious, and spiked because you can’t go wrong with a little liquor.

This is like sangria, but hot, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely like the sounds of that.

Photo & Recipe via: Sunny Sweet Days

A little Rum Chata in my hot cocoa? Don’t mind if I do.

Recipe via:

Add some cinnamon and tequila to your cup of joe and you’ve got a little booze with your caffeine— the best of both worlds.

Photo & Recipe via:

Alcoholic hot apple cider is perfect for this time of year.

Photo & Recipe via: ilovemydisorganizedlife

Like apple pie that’s fresh out of the oven? Then, you’re going to love this drink.

Photo & Recipe via: Adventures Cooking

You had me at buttered!

Photo & Recipe via: thekitchn

All the flavors of fall in one warm glass.

Photo & Recipe via: thekitchn

Keep the flavor of the holidays all winter long with this cranberry-flavored drink.

Recipe via: bonappetit

Minty, chocolatey and nice and warm. Just what I need this winter season.

Photo & Recipe via: thecookierookie

Chai latte with a shot of Bailey’s? Did I just find my new favorite Starbucks order?

Here’s to your mug never being empty! Cheers!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: worthyofelegance/Unsplash (1); AlexHolt/Unsplash (1); DanielRoberts/Unsplash (1); Courtesy Blogs (8)

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