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We Tried Kylie Jenner's Favorite Face Mask

The Labels and Lacquer girls are pretty much all about whatever Kylie Jenner does. From what she wears to what color she dyes her hair— we love it all. So, of course, when Kylie started giving away makeup tips and sharing her favorite products, we wanted to get our hands on the exact same stuff that she was using.

Most of it was surprisingly affordable, I mean her favorite scent is from Victoria’s Secret, so that’s right up our alley. I live near a Sephora, so I decided to get one of the Sephora Collection face masks that Kylie raved about to try it out for myself. If it’s good enough for her skin, it’s good enough for mine.

I chose their honey one, which is supposed to leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Also, sidenote: going into Sephora was the best part of my day. Since it was my birthday month I got a free gift, two NARS lipsticks. Can’t beat free makeup products, you know?

So, I highly recommend trips to Sephora. Such a great pick-me-up. Anyways— the mask was great and really did make my face feel soft and moisturized like I had just applied lotion to it. And for only $6, that’s a pretty inexpensive at-home facial. Plus, it’s what KYLIE JENNER uses, so you really have no excuse to not try one out for yourself.

Shop yours now:

And see how I enjoyed mine:

Facials and wine. A night of true pampering.

Images: Sephora (1) kyliejenner/instagram (1)

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