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Labels and Lacquer Tips to Cabo

We wanted to create to give a few tips for future Cabo travelers. We loved our time there, and we learned these tips before traveling there and along the way.

Cabo, Mexico is where we experienced the hottest of temperatures of our lives, especially because it was August. As soon as you step outside, the heat hits you and the humidity takes over. You may think you know what being hot feels like, but you really don’t- not till you go to Cabo. Which brings us to our first tip…

Tip #1 Always Pull Up Your Hair.

This tip is very simple. Pull your hair up in a pony or bun no matter where you go. A few days we wanted to look cute and wear our hair down, but it's so hot that you end up pulling up your hair, anyways. At night after the sun goes down, you can wear your hair down, but during the day-- up it goes!

Tip #2 Put On More Sunscreen Than You Normally Would

In Cabo you on are the Tropic of Cancer, so even closer to the sun. A sunburn the first day would really ruin your vacation. So be extra careful and put on loads of sunscreen, even when you’re not lying by the pool or on the beach. Every morning after we woke up, we put on sunscreen, regardless of what we were doing that day. This will ensure you won’t be miserable for days to come.

Tip #3 Make Sure You Go And See the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Make sure you go and see the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. We took a glass bottom boat tour and got up close and personal to this beautiful rock formation. And remember a camera cause you are going to want to take dozens of pics.

Tip #4 Sometimes You have to Stick To What You Know

We loved getting to experience everything Mexico had to offer, and really experiencing Mexico’s culture. One morning we went out for breakfast and for a trip to the grocery store, and we saw Starbucks. It was our beacon of hope. We know Starbucks is something we can get everyday back home, but occasionally you need a little piece of home when you travel. So we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, but maybe you need that Carmel Macchiato you know you love. Starbucks-- Home Sweet Home.

Here our a few of our tips! We hope you can learn from us and enjoy your time in Cabo!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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