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Chicken Salad Lunchtime Treat

Augusta and I have perfected a chicken salad recipe. For the longest time it took us a while to find chicken salad we actually liked, because we are not huge fans of mayonnaise. We found in most chicken salad recipes we had tried that mayo was a key ingredient. We went to a little café and tried this wonderful chicken salad our mom had ordered. We just wanted to try a little taste of it, and we actually ended up eating more than she even got to have. Oops!

We deiced to recreate the chicken salad we had basically devoured, as a way to capture the magic in our own kitchen. So we bought chicken breast, sliced almonds, and craisins. Yes, quite the delicious trio. First you cook the chicken breast and then pour in almonds and craisins to your heart's desire and let all the delicousness absorb into each other. If you are a mayonnaise lover feel free to add some to this, too! You can also do canned chicken as an alternative for an even quicker lunchtime treat.

When you’re all done throw some spices you like in it, like salt and pepper, of course, but we like to add a little parsley and rosemary, as well. And dill. You can never have too much dill, at least accoring to Augusta. Last but not least we serve the chicken salad on croissants. I mean that’s really the only way to go. And voilà the most perfect snack or meal is ready. This recipe is super easy, fast and sooo good! We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Pack a picnic and go enjoy this in the sun.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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