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Recreate This Iced Coffee Recipe Without Having To Leave Your Kitchen

Once upon a coffee shop, Darby and I stumbled across the most wonderful iced coffee in all the land. Seriously. This dreamy blend of cold brew coffee and venetian crème will change your life if you ever get the chance to try it! This delicious drink I speak of is called the Kerouac, and my mouth waters just thinking about it. In an attempt to recreate the magic that is this iced coffee, Darby and I tried making our own cold brew and venetian crème. We made the coffee by steeping coffee grounds in water (at room temperature) for 12 hours. We then strained the coffee and put it into the fridge until it was cool enough to drink, as these steps told us to do. We were newbies at the whole making your own cold brew thing, but I’d say ours turned out well! As for making the cream to sweeten our drinks, well, that part is a little more tricky. We followed a Martha Stewart recipe to make the crème because you can’t go wrong with Martha. Sometimes a stay in prison does a girl good, you know? Anyways, there were a lot of steps,but we followed the recipe exactly. I think the end result was exactly as it was supposed to be. Then, we added the crème to the coffee et voila! The drink was super delicious, but was no Kerouac, unfortunately. We still don’t know exactly what makes that drink so tasty, but this recipe is definitely a great alternative for you to make right at home! I’d recommend going easy on the crème and adding a little sugar as sweetener also, as the crème is somewhat thick and will change the consistency of your coffee if you add too much. With this, a little definitely goes a long way!

I guess this will have to do until we can get our hands on another Kerouac… Ahh, until then you tempting thing, you!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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