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The Perfect Lazy Sunday Treatment

Sundays are the best. They’re basically meant for laying around and relaxing as a way to unwind from the previous week and to prepare yourself for the week ahead. With my current schedule, Sunday is my only day off, so there’s often a lot of errands and things on my to do list that get put off until that day, but when I do get to actually be lazy on my Sundays.— I am lazy to the max!

This past Sunday was one of those days, and with a pancake breakfast, the day of lounging was off to a great start! Darby and I made blueberry pancakes using this recipe (plus blueberries) that were just the right amount of sweet! I’d opt to have dessert for breakfast (and every other meal) if I could, so this was right up my alley.

After our pancakes, we decided to spend time relaxing by the pool. Sunshine and some shut-eye. It really doesn’t get better than that does it? Absolutely not!

I know that if you’re like us, you’re often busy, but you should still take time out every once in a while (even if only on Sundays) for a little rest and relaxation. We recommend the pancake/pool treatment to anyone! So, be sure to give it a try!

Ahh, don’t you wish every day could be Sunday?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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