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Mini Cherry Pies

Possibly the cutest things in the entire world are… mini pies. They are just so tiny and pack in all the flavor as a real pie. How can something be so cute? I just don’t understand. Because we love baking and these are just too adorable to pass up, we decided to make our own mini pies!

We found a recipe that looked easy… and let’s be honest; it had the cutest pictures of the finished mini pies. The little dough lattices on top, I just can’t handle it!!! So, obviously we chose to make these!

This is a condensed version of the recipe we used. See the link above for more details. Okay so all you need for this recipe is butter, flour, sugar, lemon zest, an egg, and dark cherries. First you have to prepare the dough. After you prepare the dough it has to be refrigerated for 30 minutes. While the dough is resting you make the cherry filling by putting cherries and about an inch of water into a pot and cooking it until the cherries look like you were making jam.

After 30 mins take the dough out. Now its time to put everything into the muffin tins, a little bit of dough on the bottom for the crust and then the cherry filling. Then comes my favorite part, making the strips for the lattices to go on top of the wittle pies. Did I say wittle? I mean wittle… uhh little. Baby voice just feels right, you know? I just felt like I was Snow White baking these adorable pies, minus the birds, I guess.

Check out this recipe so you can feel like Snow White and make cherry pies for all the dwarfs, I mean your friends.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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