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B Better Have My Graphic Tee Dress

Okay so I’m loving this whole the baggier the better phase we are in right now. Graphic tees are really in now, too. So, now I’m dying even more. Combine the two to create a graphic tee shirt dress and it's fashion heaven. The other day our street style guru Rihanna wore a Catwoman Graphic tee dress, and Augusta was totally in love and obsessed with the look! We decided to do a round up of fun graphic tee dresses so you can rock a baggy tee dress, too. Channel Rihanna and you will “shine bright like a diamond” while having a carefree vibe (because you’re basically just wearing a t-shirt!).

Be creative with how you style these little numbers. You can wear flats for an errand-running day or gladiator sandals to totally dress up the look for a day out shopping. The possibilities are really endless. Hey, if Rihanna is doing it, I know I should most definitely be following in her fashionable footsteps and wearing a t-shirt dress, like, now! Shop these looks now to pick your favorite graphic moment below. Don’t mind us we’ll be off doing our best “B*tch Better Have My Money” singing impersonations while donning our Rih Rih inspired looks!

Here is the culprit of our obsession, Queen Rih herself:

Catwoman dress

Cat Pacifier the Boyfriend Tee, $55.28, Greg Guillemin

Catwomen is such a bad a! She’s giving us everything, fighting off crime with her lollipop.

Lips Dress

Red Lips Crepe T-Shirt Dress, $187.94, Avenue 32

I love the print so much. The big lips are a great definitely attention getting, which is perfect because you are going to be looking good in a t-shirt.

Chic Moschino

Chic Short Dress, $238, Moschino

Anything Moschino, and I’m all in. I discovered Moschino has a Cheap and Chic line, which means all the Moschino you could ask for at a more affordable price. This dress tells you exactly what you are… chic!

Monster Mouth

Monster Short Dress, $225, Moschino

This monster is not so scary. Its so fun, cute, and more importantly— wearable.

The Lifestyle

Just Another Day Tee, $48, Shop Jeen

Okay I think this one is technically just a shirt. But buy a size up and make it a dress. Hey, the baggier the better, right?

Ladies rejoice, comfy attire is here to stay!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: hausofrihanna/instagram (1); Courtesy Brands: (5)

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