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Silk Scarves For The Perfect Springtime Look

With a chill still in the air, dressing for spring isn't always a walk in the park. But, there's no spring weather situation that a light jacket and a lightweight silk scarf can't solve. So, make sure the chunky sweaters and knitted scarves are pushed towards the back of your closet to make room for your new go-to accessory in a place where you can reach it, tie it on and head out to face the beautiful day.

Whether you're wearing this accessory around your neck for an added bit of warmth or in your hair to really tie your outfit together, you're going to get plenty of use out of silk scarves this season.

So, shop some of our favorites below. From bold prints to flowing scarves that are actually scrunchies (talk about functional!), you're going to love mixing and matching these all spring long:

1. Skinny Bandana

Silk Skinny Bandana, $9.99, Madewell

The classic bandana got an upgrade. This skinny version will easily act as a headband, kerchief, or neck tie just as easily as a large square bandana — without making you feel like a kid. Consider this the adult version of your favorite looks.

2. Silk Scarf Scrunchie

Lana Silk Scarf, $12, Urban Outfitters

This scrunchie looks like a scarf, but it'll hold your hair in place much better than an actual silk scarf would — so really, it's the best of both worlds!

3. Sorbet Scarf

1960s Pleated Scarf, $28, Vaux Vintage

Umm, can you say chic? This lemon sorbet-colored scarf is going to look incredible around your neck, in your hair, used as a belt. Wear it however you see fit. There's no going wrong here.

4. Silk Scarf Pouch

How cute is the idea of using a silk scarf as a purse? It can serve as a catch all for all of your things while simultaneously elevating your look. Whether you purchase this one or figure out how to fashion yourself one of these all on your own — you should be carrying your belongings in a scarf from now on!

5. Scarf Swimsuit

Scarf Waist Tie Swimsuit, $59, & Other Stories

Of course, you can bring your scarf to the beach with you to be worn in your hair, around your beach bag and apparently — even on your swimsuit, according to & Other Stories. Brilliant! We'll be hitting the shore in this chic number for sure!

Incorporate a bit of springtime into each and every one of your outfits with silk scarves. The more creative ways you can wear 'em, the better! Show us what you've got!

Want more accessories to complete your look? Shop must-have hair clips here.

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)

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