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Our Fave New Find Of The Week: Mojo Spa Bath Bars

We have not tried this product yet, but we honestly can't wait to! While we were scrolling on Instagram recently we saw a post on the @trendysparrow's feed featuring a beauty and nail brand we had never heard of, Mojo Spa. The post was showing of her night of self-care complete with one of Mojo's bath melts. It got us wanting to look into the brand so we could have a night of pampering too!

We couldn't find the exact bath melt she posted about but we found four different kinds of bath bars on Mojo's site, all made with cocoa butter. You can use the bar in the shower or bath to moisturize your skin, which is going to be perfect for the upcoming summer months.

The four bath bars flavors that are currently on the brand's website are: charcoal, garnet, lapis, and jade. Their most recent bath melt collection feature gemstones! All great for a night of relaxation!

1. Charcoal Bath Bar

Charcoal Bath Bar, $10.50, Mojo Spa

Charcoal can work wonders for your skin. The other scents mixed in are lavender and peppermint.

2. Garnet Bath Bar

Garnet Bath Bar, $15, Mojo Spa

If you need a little extra self lovin', we suggest the use of the garnet bath melt. Garnet helps radiate strength and love.

3. Lapis Bath Bar

Lapis Bath Melt, $15, Mojo Spa

Lapis is a gemstone that is supposed to prevent bad energy. Send that our way, please!

4. Jade Bath Bar

Jade Bath Bar, $15, Mojo Spa

Jade can help boost your creativity. So this bath bar would be the perfect addition to your Sunday night bathing routine.

Pour yourself a glass of rosé and start the bath water—you've got a spa night ahead!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (4); thetrendysparrow/instagram (1)

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