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Lemon Yellow Pieces You'll Wear All Spring And Summer Long

The spring and summer seasons are the time to play with color. While neon is definitely a trend right now — there's nothing wrong with going a little more muted with your color palette. In fact, these lemon yellow pieces are just as likely to get you noticed, but they're much more subtle in their approach.

Pastels are perfect for spring (GROUNDBREAKING, we know!), and will easily transition to summer, too, so the sooner you get items like these in your closet, the better.

Slip into this hue and you'll be looking like a fresh limoncello spritzer, and we don't know about you — but that's really all we're ever trying to do.

So, join in on the fun and embrace light lemon yellows while the warm weather lasts! Shop everything from cable knits for those chilly spring days to sandals that are practically begging to be whisked away on an exotic vacation. With clothing this colorful and carefree — there's no telling where you'll go!

Just say the word, and we'll be ready! Consider these items already packed in our suitcases:

1. Lemon Ribbed Mock Neck Top

A top that can be dressed up or down is a must! Whether you pair this with mom jeans and sneakers or a chic pencil skirt, there's no way you won't absolutely live in something like this while the warm weather lasts.

2. Pastel Yellow Blazer

Talk about a springtime uniform! This will be your go-to to wear with dresses, trousers and more to look like the main squeeze, if you know what we mean.

3. Light Yellow Satin Skirt

Satin Skirt, $49.90, Zara

Going for a spritzer after work? This is exactly the skirt you'll need to be prepared come happy hour! Cheers to you!

4. Lemon Linen Dress

Helena Mustard Linen Dress, $108, Pixie Market

Whether you're having a picnic in the park or out being a tourist in a new place, this is the dress that will keep you looking comfy and cute — wherever you roam!

5. Lemon Cargo Pant

Lemon Cargo Pant, $79, Urban Outfitters

You are going to be too cool when you strut your stuff in these relaxed cargo pants. Pair this with a bathing suit top and take a walk on the beach or wear it with a t-shirt — either way, you'll be laid-back, but oh-so on-trend all the while. Puh-lease. Did you even try to look as good as you do? Barely!

6. Lemon Strappy Sandals

Kyrielle Slide Sandals, $13.98, Target

These cute slip-on sandals are begging to be worn somewhere tropical. So, toss 'em in your bag and go, why don't you?

Craving these lemon items in your wardrobe? We can't say we blame you!

And if you'd like to go even louder with your look — shop these neon must-haves, too!

—Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)

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