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Get "It-Girl" Hair Style By Shopping This Hair Accessory Brand

We don't know if you are already following Reese Blutstein (double3xposure) on Instagram, but if you don't.... do yourself a favor and start! She is the ultimate cool girl from Atlanta but seen at all of the fashion weeks in the best designer clothes. We love all of her outfit pairings, which typically feature quirky silhouettes with fun colors. Enough about the content you'll get to see if you follow her, but we wanted to talk about one of her recent posts while she attended NYFW.

She tagged the hair clip brand she was wearing. If you have seen one of our recent blog posts about hair clips, you know we are already obsessed with the idea of accessorizing your hair. When we looked more into the brand, we couldn't help but ooh and ahh at all of their hair accessories on their website! They have spring's hottest colors, sparkles, and even cute shapes.

See what we mean?!

We're going to show some of our fave hair clips below!

1. For The Girls Set

For The Girls Gift Set, 85 Euros, Kanel Denmark

If you're all in on this clips, too you can buy a gift set for yourself. It comes with five clips!

2. Yellow Bedazzle Clip

Nr. 12 Yellow Clip, 167 Euros, Kanel Denmark

This is such a unique shape! We haven't seen anything like it during our vast hair accessory research!

3. Tortoise Clip

Nr. 18 Turtle, 40 Euros, Kanel Denmark

We love a good tortoise print!

4. Geo Sparkle Clip

Nr. 19 Light Beige, 43 Euros, Kanel Denmark

This geometric clip with sparkles is close to the one Reese is wearing above. Her exact green clip is currently sold out, but you can buy it in other colors like this light beige one.

5. Purple Rain Hair Clip

Nr. 13 Purple, 40 Euros, Kanel Denmark

Purple is always a good choice right?!

6. Midnight Swirled Clip

Nr. 9 Dark Blue, 43 Euros, Kanel Denmark

Again, this brand surprises us with a new shape, swirls!

These hair clips will make any hair style better!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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Images: Kenal Denmark Products (6); doubl3xposure/instagram (1); kenal_denmark (1)

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