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Get In On The Puffer Coat Trend With These Styles

The puffer coat trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so if you don't already have one

in your closet — now's the time to change all that.

When the puffer trend really blew up in 2017, everyone was shopping similar styles. A puffer jacket that hit you at your waist with a hoodie attached was a go-to for many. Some ~more unique~ jackets were even cropped. But, since the puffer seems to be here to stay — brands have gotten way more creative with how they're incorporating a quilted fabric into their jacket designs.

So, fashion lovers — you're in luck. Here are some of the coolest puffer jackets up for grabs at the moment. Get them in your closet, stat!

1. Belted Puffer Trench Coat

Belted Puffer Trench Coat, $129, Urban Outfitters

It just doesn't get better than this trench coat, puffer coat all-in-one. It's chic. It's warm. It's everything you could need for a snow storm.

2. Leather Puffer Jacket

Leather Puffer Jacket, $498, Free People

The effortlessness of a leather jacket, but the added warmth of a puffer. It's the perfect combination, honestly.

3. Travel Buddy Puffer Coat

This may look like your average puffer jacket, but stick with us here. This one folds into a neck pillow that's perfect for travel. So, if you're going home for the holidays — this is the only jacket you'll need to take with you!

4. Snakeskin Puffer Jacket

Snakeskin Puffer Jacket, $82, Missguided

Snakeskin is in. Puffer is in. This is seriously a win-win.

5. Corduroy Puffer Jacket

Make the most of the fall and winter and drape yourself in as much corduroy as possible — including this puffer jacket, of course!

6. Faux Fur Puffer Coat

This is what Cruella de Vil would wear in 2018, and we can't get enough of it!

So, ready to get in on the puffer action? We're right there with you! Here's to being perfectly puffy this season!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)

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