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Crystal Beauty Products To Help You Stay Chill AF

To be honest, we aren't well versed with crystals and their "healing" powers. We don't even really know if we buy into all that they claim to do. But we do like the idea of self care and treating ourselves! We thought these crystals would be fun to try and if they help relax us/have healing powers—that's even better!

We have found crystal bath salts, makeup products, even hair products. It's clear that the beauty market is on to the popularity of crystals. The first time we saw the use of crystals and their powers was when Spencer used them religiously on the "Hill." Shoutout to Speidi!

If you're beauty junkies like us your going to enjoy this crystal beauty experiment. Here we go!

1. Bath Crystal Salt

This looks like the perfect bath accessory!

2. Healing Comb

Skin Gym Healing Comb, $80, Free People

You're hair needs powers too, girrlll!

3. Crystal Facial Roller

Crystal Facial Roller, $32, Free People

Facial rollers already have beauty benefits like naturally stimulating collagen and revitalize your face.

4. Crystal Bar Soap

Crystal Bar Soap, $6, Urban Outfitters

These bars of soap were designed by "Crystal Bar Soap" in L.A. to give you energy.

5. Crystal Setting Spray

According to Target's website rose quartz is the self-loving stone.

6. Crystal Facial Lifting Tool

Crystals can keep you looking young with the help of this tool.

7. Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor

Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor, $58, Sephora

Using this will help increase circulation and naturally simulate collagen production.

Sending you ~good vibes~!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); carolesmile/unsplash (1)

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