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Corduroy Sets To Get You Into The Fall Mood

Image: Topshop

Corduroy is the fabric of fall. It is a heavier weight fabric that can help keep you nice and toasty. But behind that, the texture of the cord wales are just so fitting for the season. Because it is such a popular fabric all of our fave stores have corduroy pieces to shop. We decided to focus on sets for this post.

We love a great power suit moment, especially when those moments happen in corduroy. Along with suit sets there are skirt and top combos and trucker jacket combos.

1. Love Fool Cord Set

Love Fool Cord Set, $168, Free People

You most likely will need to wear this set with a jacket. But I mean come on. This cord set is too adorable to not buy?!

2. Cord Suit

Free People Heidi Two-Piece Cord Suit, $198, Free People

We like to this of this as fall's version of the Canadian tuxedo.

3. Cord Jacket and Pant Set

We love Sugharhigh Lovestoned. This "Dipper" is unique and vintage inspired at the same time.

4. Blue Suit Set

This suit could be casual or worn to work!

5. Blush Skirt Set

Pink Corduroy Borg Set, $157, Topshop

We love that this jacket is lined with matching colored sherpa. It's going to be extra cozy.

5. Gold Corduroy Set

Gold Corduroy Set, $410, Free People

This set is on the pricier side. But this color is perfect for autumn and we do love puffy sleeves in corduroy.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Topshop (1)

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