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We Are Currently Coveting Beaded Bags

The Label & Lacquer girls love a good accessory. These days we have been keeping our jewelry minimal. We choose a simple earring like hoops and pair it with a necklace that we wear on a daily basis. Or if we to choose to wear a statement purse, it's usually earrings. Purses, however, are a different story!

Right now Augusta is carrying a vintage Coach purse that used to be our mom's. It's so chic! It's a mini bucket bag and it even has a cute mini belt to cinch it together. For my birthday, Augusta bought me a Poppy Lissiman "Thank You!" shopper tote bag. Saying I'm obsessed with it is an understatement. I like to switch my bags out on the regular, but this pink Poppy Lissiman bag is here to stay for a while.

Even though we definitely have our bags of the moment on lock, we think it's never bad to buy more purses. Lately we've been loving beaded bags. So we wanted to find the best of the best beaded bags!

Here's a picture of my Thank You! tote in the wild! And yes I found a pink room to photograph this purse.

1. Beaded Bucket Bag

This brown color is just perfect fall!

2. Moo Bag

We are LIVING for this cow motif bag!!

3. Transparent Beaded Bag

We like that this bag has transparent beads. It's different than the beaded bags we typically see.

4. Pastel Beaded Bag

Beaded Tote Bag, $15, Topshop

This bag is on sale for a steal! Only $15?!

5. Rainbow Beaded Bag

We like the addition of the strap. And oh could we not note the rainbow stripes?

6. Vintage Mini Beaded Bag

This bag is adorable and vintage —which we love! And this season it is all about the mini bag!

Beads, beads, and more beads! We have to say we love this trend!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (1); Susan_Alexandra/Instagram (1)

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