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Our Evening Out In K-Town Included... Face Masks

Now that we finally live in the same city, it is important for us to see each other as much as possible. It's so crazy we've been a living far a part for a few years now. Now we have the opportunity to see each other on a weekly basis. We wouldn't want it any other way! Sometimes with our busy schedules it is hard for us to see each other on weeknights. But, we have made it our weekly tradition to do something on Friday nights. Sometimes it's trying out a new restaurant or coffee spot or sometimes it's just doing something stress-free after a hectic week. No matter what it is we do, we always have the best time!

This past Friday, it had been on our list for me to show Augusta some face masks spots in Korea Town. Korea Town reminds us of being back in Hong Kong a little bit. The food, scents, and even how the restaurants/bars are arranged remind us of it. We also find it is like China Town but cleaner. Face masks are a vital part of Korean beauty so they have several unique options for various skin types. We also have fond memories of shopping in Hong Kong beauty stores for face masks.

Face masks were definitely on the agenda, but we also wanted to try out some Korean cuisine. We are known to like Korean wings and little Kimchi from time to time!

Here's a little throwback to the face masks we bought in Hong Kong, a chocolate and latte mask:

The restaurant we chose: Osamil

The space was beautiful and relaxing, even though it got crowded. We got to sit in a big booth. We both ordered wings, spicy and soy with garlic with regular and sweet potato fries. Yummy! Our drinks were also delicious and had fun garnishes. We highly recommend this K-town hang-out for dinner and drinks!

2. The Face Masks Stores

They were called Besfren Beauty and Kosette Inc. Bestfren Beaity is on 5th Avenue. Kosette Beauty Market is on 32nd Street. They were both really close to each other and we highly recommend going.

We hit up two different stores and both scored two face masks and one set of eye patches each. We both got a charcoal face mask that is good for detoxing. When we did the face mask we both immediately felt tired. It was nice to take 15 truly just to relax.

We also both got "Kocostar Princess Eye Patches." We haven't used the patches yet, but can't wait to try.

If you can't go to Koreatown. Order some face masks online and get some take-out to have the perfect day at home.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L&L Originals (2)

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