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Shop The Animal Print Trend For Fall 2018

Animal print is everywhere guys. And we aren't talking about just the typical leopard print. There's zebra, snake print, cheetah, tiger stripes, and Dalmatian spots. It's been a minute since zebra print had it's moment to shine. I remember those zebra purses in middle school/high school that everyone had! Do you guys?!

We have to say we are loving the trend. We already like wearing prints, especially during the Fall season. We have several leopard sweaters and coats, now it's time to add more animal prints to our closets.

We are seeing this trend down the accessories too. We'll be sure to pull several animal options to show you so you can rock this trend from head to toe!

1. Zebra X Floral Dress

We love how this dress flawlessly mixes patterns.

2. Leopard Set

Leopard Denim Set, $145, Topshop

The denim co-ord is going to catch everyone's attention.

3. Leopard Mom Jeans

These leopard spots almost look like Dalmatian spots. Yellow has been the color of Spring/Summer and we see the color moving right on into fall too.

4. Snake Maxi Dress

And here's an example of the snake print we were telling you about in maxi dress form!

5. Zebra Blouse

Zebra Blouse, $59.99, Mango

Even higher-end fast fashion stores have zebra everywhere!

6. Leopard Dress

Leopard Dress, $99, Mango

We love leopard and this dress is just too cute! It reminds of the Copenhagen designer Ganni.

7. Snake Booties

Snake Effect Ankle Boots, $180, Topshop

Hello Fall!! Get ready to step into Fall in style in these booties!

8. Leopard Fanny Pack

This fuzzy accessory needs to be in your life!

9. Zebra Trousers

Zebra Trousers, $99, Uterque

The last animal print is zebra trousers! And psst there is a matching top these pants too!

There you have it! Animal print is in!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (9)

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