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You Can Totally Re-Create This Look Using Our Vintage Shop

I don't know if you follow María Bernad on Instagram like we do, but you definitely should! We love how she mixes vintage pieces into her current wardrobe to make truly one-of-a kind outfits!

Speaking of one-of-a-kind outfits, we saw her post the other day wearing a mustard-y olive oversized blazer top with biker shorts. Biker shorts are def the pants of the moment. But the blazer top has some major eighties vibes happening mixing with the trendy short. We instantly thought of the vintage blazer we have in our shop to pair with biker shorts. We debated taking the blazer off our website to keep and re-create this outfit ourselves. ;)

But at the end of the day we are so excited to share our vintage finds with everyone else we decided just to write about how you can do it! We also found some sunnies and flats that would elevate the look to feel like Maria's.

1. The Blazer Top

Bling Bling Short Sleeve Blazer, $32, Labels & Lacquer Etsy Shop

Ahh how great is this blazer? This is a classic piece that will work in your wardrobe for many occasions. In this blog post's case, we think that will pair perfectly with biker shorts!

2. The Biker Shorts

Out From Under High Rise Biker Shorts, $29, Urban Outfitters

These biker shorts are pretty simple, just long spandex shorts. But we know they are going to be everywhere for the next fashion seasons.

3. The Sunglasses

Woah we love these! The square with rounded corners are oh so chic! We know it is still all about the tiny sunglasses but we think these oversized pair need some major love too!

4. The Slingbacks

We love these slingbacks and the wooden heel! We think the shoes match the outfit feel of vintage x trendy.

Guys— it's time to add this outfit into your fall wardrobe line-up!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: maria_bernad/Instagram; Courtesy brands (4)

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