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The Coolest Places To Get Your Manis in New York

New York is home to millions of people. With so many people in mind, there is a wide array of everything here. The coolest places to eat, get coffee, dance, go shopping, and really anything you could possibly think of. For the Labels and Lacquer girls we love pampering ourselves and getting our nails done. It really comes with the territory with "Lacquer" being in the title of our blog.

We are in desperate need of a good mani-pedi at the moment — so, of course that requires fun research of the best places to get our nails done in New York. There's something about taking thirty minutes to an hour to sit down, pick a nail color that is totally fitting your vibe at the moment, and getting pampered. You also really can't beat how long a coat of nail polish stays on when you go to a professional, either.

We've included links to each nail salon below, making it super easier for you to go ahead and schedule yourself an appointment. Yes, we think of everything! ;)

Chillhouse is a café and nail salon in one. How cool? You can pop in for a spa sesh and leave with a cappuccino in hand with freshly painted nails. That just sounds like the perfect day to us! Not to mention they offer the best nail art options. Definitely check them out!


Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Address: 149 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

Bisou thinks of your nails as a canvas. They are known for their nail art. It is called a "Nail Art Atelier." How chic? If you are feeling bolder and want your nails to show that to the world, go here!


Neighborhood: Nolita

Address: 6 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

If you're looking for an all-natural and organic nail salon, this is the place for you. The interior is beautiful and covered in plants. We think this salon will definitely be the perfect calming environment for a little "me" time.


Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Address: 210 Forsyth street, New York City 10002

After going to Paint Box, prepare yourself for your nails to be the topic of every conversation! They feature so many designs and vibrant shades. The possibilities are endless for your mani and pedi game here!


Neighborhood: SoHo

Address: 17 Crosby Street New York, NY 10013

Local Honey is in Brooklyn. The owner started her business after art school. This salon offers really creative nail art options for you. Fun colors and all!


Neighborhood: Bushwick

Address: 53 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

And we leave you with this... "Nails done, hair done, everything did!" Now time to check off that list!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: chillhouse/Instagram; bisou.ny/instagram; hortusnailworksnyc/instagram; localhoneybk/instagram; paintboxnails/instagram; Wix (1)

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