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Let Meghan Markle Inspire Your Denim Dress Style This Summer

The Duchess never disappoints when she steps out for a public outing. Whether she's cheering her man on at a polo charity event or — you know — getting married in front of a televised audience, Meghan Markle knows just how to dress with regal style.

While we may not all be able to get a custom Givenchy gown, taking tips from Markle's style book is definitely possible — even when you're not on a royal budget. So, when Markle sports a denim dress, as she did recently, you should definitely have out a pen and paper to take notes.

Her denim dress still wasn't cheap — Yahoo reports it costing a little over $3,000 — but the good news is that denim dresses in a similar style aren't hard to come by for much, much cheaper. Especially during the summer season!

So, get ready to be majorly inspired by Markle's fashionable denim choice:

This effortlessly chic look is great for the summer season, whether you're a member of the actual royal family or no.

She looks perfectly put together!

Now, shop similar items so you can start feeling a little more like the total duchess you are, too:

1. Button-Down Denim Dress

This has a similar neckline to the dress Markle wore and also has a flowing skirt and accentuated waist. In other words — it's the perfect ladylike silhouette.

2. Long Sleeve Denim Dress

Karmen Mini Dress, $148, Free People

A lightweight dress like this is just the kind of thing you need for a summer's night out. It's got an interesting neckline, long sleeves and a big belt — all things we imagine the Duchess would approve of!

3. Ruffled Denim Dress

Ruffles around the neck, cap sleeves and an A-line skirt prove this dainty little dress is all about the details. Can you imagine wearing this to a summertime BBQ? It's not exactly a polo match, but it'll do!

4. Bateau Neckline

Off-The-Shoulder Denim Dress, $24.90, Forever 21

We all know that Markle loves to show her shoulders off, so we have a feeling she'd love a summer staple like this shoulder-baring mini dress. Good thing you won't need the Queen's approval to wear it!

5. Sleeveless Denim Dress

Paper London Wallace Denim Dress, $560, Anthropologie

Seriously — was this dress made for Markle? We may have just found the denim dress she'll wear next! This sleeveless dress with giant gold buttons is just posh enough to be worn by a royal or, you know, added to your very own closet.

6. Denim Blazer Dress

Markle's worn a sleeveless trench coat dress on official royal business before, so it makes sense that she'd have something like this in her wardrobe, too. This is great to wear on a summer Friday so that you're ready for the office and for the drinks that come afterwards!

Want the makeup to complete your denim look? Get Markle's rosey glow by following the steps detailed in this post!

Get out there and live your best life, a la Meghan Markle, in these denim dresses. There's no going wrong with laid-back, yet oh-so stylish pieces like these!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: instylemagazine/Instagram (3); Courtesy Brands (6)

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